George’s E3 Hopes and Dreams

George Cavalaris
by George Cavalaris on June 10, 2015


George’s E3 Hopes and Dreams

It’s that time again folks for the all incredible and most anticipated show/convention E3. A chance where game developers come together to share to the world what exciting new games will be coming into the market. Last year – for me – was a bit of a disappointment because of Microsoft and Sony gloating about whose next-gen consoles was better making the games/features not a grand selling point. I felt it was a “who had the better technology package” and Nintendo was laughing in the corner as they announced more smash games/Mario titles. This year looks a bit more promising as next-gen consoles have settled in allowing more of the bigger title games to announced raising the hype bar a little higher.

What are some of the personal favorites you can’t wait to see?

I’m just going to say this now but growing up with a PlayStation 2 ( *booing and hissing*) and playing some of those Square Enix titles I can’t wait to see some more footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV. Two titles that when usually announced mean they will be exclusively released for the PlayStation 4, Right? Not this time. Both games will be set to release for both Xbox One and PS4 fans –which is a smart tactic on Square Enix part. Hopefully Square Enix will show more in game footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV.

Next on the list would be Rock Band 4. I love this series and since the sudden end of DLC content for Rock Band 3 I thought for sure this was the end of music/rhythm games for the consoles. Suddenly, Rock Band 4 was announced and now with the transfer of DLC from Xbox 360 to Xbox One would bring anybody back for more head banging rock and roll – on plastic equipment. I’m interested to see what new features Harmonix will bring to the stage as the last Rock Band used a Keyboard.


The final title I can’t wait to see is 2k games new title “Battleborn”. This game took me by surprise even though it looks like a duplicate of Borderlands series but isn’t. The game adds 5 player co-op and seems to do a better job – from the sneak peek footage – than Destiny. Hopefully some more test footage will be shown on how multiplayer will work or more on how the world functions. Also, with anything 2k games/Borderlands related there has to be some witty dialogue and wacky character development.

What games can we expect to be announced at this event?

Rumors have been traveling around the web about a new Fallout game so that might be something to look forward too. I would really like to see if 2k Games will announce or give a teaser trailer of Borderlands 3. Valve has to be showing something – not Half Life 3 – like Portal 3 or a Left 4 Dead if not then Gabe is letting the laziness get to him.
Not really too much going on for new titles to be announced but if E3 was to really blow my mind I would have to see a classic series make an unexpected comeback other than that… meh.

What games to give up on this year?

I don’t rightly know. I guess Valve has been pretty disappointing these past few E3’s and hasn’t been announcing any new titles or sequels. We need a new portal game because, frankly, the custom maps are becoming stale and Left 4 Dead has been in limbo on my steam library for some years. Other than that, I guess anything Konami had planned since their company ideas swirled down the drain.

What is some of the big news we can expect from the Expo?

Maybe Microsoft will realise that the Kinect is a useless piece of hardware and just pitch the whole idea… Probably not but it’s the thought that counts! EA will most likely be boasting about the new Star Wars Battlefront game and present some in-game footage instead of more cinematic footage. I’m sure Bethesda will be flaunting over their take on the Doom series by giving more information and – hopefully – gameplay clips. Oh! Let’s not forget Activision talking about the new Call of Duty game. Come on! We need more dogs!


What would be your most unbelievable prediction for the event?

An unbelievable and complete shot out of the dark prediction will be a new GTAV story expansion. It has been nearly two years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V and after finally coming to the PC, Rockstar can look into something else. Why not more campaign content? GTA IV had it so I will not be surprised if Rockstar did something. Although I’m not sure announcing new DLC is E3 worthy. I’m aware that Konami cancelled some immense titles but maybe they can find it in their hearts to bring back Silent Hill – fat chance.
As for Half-Life 3… what’s the point…


What do you think? What would you like to see at this year’s E3? Do you agree with our predictions or do you think that we have missed the elephant in the room? Let us know in the comments and stay with us for full coverage of all the big announcements. Mouse ’N’ Joypad are attending E3 this year and we will bring you all the news, as it happens, right from the show floor.

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