Admin-Web Design

Johnny is getting too old not to be called a life long gamer, considering I have been gaming since the days of the ZX Spectrum. I enjoy shooters and any game that has a good campaign. I will generally play all types of games, but they have to grab my attention in the first hour, to keep me playing to the better end. I dislike poorly executed ideas.


I love to game, especially puzzle and platform games. I can usually be found trawling the internet or on Xbox. I am not a boss, I am THE boss lol. Currently very busy with Mouse n Joypad and university.

Console Editor

Scott “Tickles” Davidson lives in Fife in Scotland and between playing video games and rage-quitting he tends to spend the rest of his time in preparation for the inevitable zombie outbreak.

PC Editor

A former freelancer with a startling dedication towards gaming and writing – where neither is more prevalent than the other. Having been working at Mouse N Joypad for a while now, I get to boss people around as the supreme Overlord of the PC minion squad (not the yellow lame ones, mind you).

Assistant Editor

Trevor Anderson is a writer and game enthusiast from St. Petersburg, Florida USA. As a long-time gamer and appreciator of the digital palette, he publishes reviews and editorials about the industry. He enjoys experience-based games, but won’t hesitate to frag opponents online.

Team Mascot

Hey I’m Buttons, you may have seen me in things like Mouse Trap, The Cheese Lovers Diary or in my younger years, Buttons Does Minnie, but we won’t talk about that. Now I am hanging out with this sorry bunch, playing games and generally chewing up everything in sight. I can usually be found napping on my controller or nestled between the stacks of games. Anyway, that’s me!