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All New Descent Funding Through Kickstarter



20 years after the original release of Descent on on the Windows 95, Descendant Studios brings back the same classic FPS flight simulator in an all new game.

Descent: Underground gives gamers a chance to experience anew or re-live a true space fighter classic. Descent: Underground will be bringing back six-degree-of-freedom along with a brand new single player mode and an immersive multiplayer.
Like Descent, this will be a prequel to the original series – switching onto the underground setting. Walls, objects, or any other form of terrain will be destructible. That’s right, think of this as Red Faction but replace walking around, carrying plasma rifles and destroying everything in your path with customizable ships flying in zero g atmospheres. Other interesting features the game will include are:

• DRM Free
• OS supported with PC, Mac, and Linux
• Nine Customizable ships
• New and Old Game Modes (Anarchy, Capture the Asteroid, and more)
• Unique and intricate single player and multiplayer maps
• Rankings, Achievements, and Leaderboards.
• Modding is encouraged
• Using Unreal Engine 4

The Kickstarter is almost over (6 or so days left) with only $360,000 out of the 600,000 Descendent Studios needs to fund the project. Check it out