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AMD Restructures Company Architecture

To Improve Competition With Nvidia



Ever since 2006 when Advanced Micro Devices purchased ATI and joined in on the competition of the discrete desktop graphics processor unit (GPU) race, results have tended to be lopsided in favor for the more specifically graphics-focused Nvidia Corporation in terms of both shear raw power and lower power consumption. Perhaps now is when things begin to slowly change.

Recently the company announced that it has formed an entirely separate division to focus solely on GPU development they are calling the Radeon Technologies Group. Along with its formation, the company has re-hired Raja Koduri as Senior Vice President (SVP) and Chief Architecture of Visual computing, which is to say that his role will be as driving force behind the divisions evolution of GPU hardware/architecture. For any graphics enthusiast or historians, Raja Koduri is a name that should bring with an air of familiarity. In 2009 Raja was hired by Apple Inc. as Director of Graphics Architecture where he had an influential role in the design and implementation of retinal computer displays. Prior to working there, he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as well as several other senior roles for AMD and their graphics department.

Though AMD has had recent success with partnering up with all current-gen console manufacturers in the last year it has also been through a fair share of shake ups. Starting this year, their Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Sales Officer (CMO), and GM of computing and graphics business left the company around the same time. Soon thereafter, it was reported that the company’s first quarter financial report for 2015 showed a net loss of $180 million. The relationship between these and last years October firing of 700 employees as well as the rapidly multiplying PC gaming community itself display the image of an organization perhaps now willing enough to radically transform their fundamental outlook on the gaming community as a whole.

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