Battleborn Enters Open Beta Stage | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Because You Were Born for This.

Attention all fans of RPG style Shooters, fans of the Borderlands series of games, and badasses in general! Battleborn has officially released an Open Beta to the public for free!

Developed by Gearbox Games and published by 2K games, Battleborn is an online Shooter game made by the same people who made the famous “Borderlands” series of games. Featuring a similarly fast paced design and blending a similar pseudo-RPG level up system, Battleborn Beta gives players access to sections of the Story, Co-op story, and 5v5 multiplayer modes with seven available heroes from the gate to get players started on their path to badassdom.

Similar to how MOBAs work, players can unlock more heroes later by purchasing them or unlocking them via the game’s story mission, and after the Open Beta ends, players will receive an additional five free heroes later. Currently, the roster is only comprised of twenty five playable heroes, but Gearbox announced plans to add more in the future as development on the game continues.

Speaking of story missions, the Open Beta currently has two for players to experience in either single player or co-op mode. One ice themed map taking place on the planet “Bliss” and the other in the Spider King Geoff’s lair. Two totally separate maps that prepare the players for what to expect when the full version of the game is finally released.

Speaking of what to expect, multiplayer has plenty of goodies to examine as well. Currently the only game mode is a 5v5 versus mode, on two different maps that seem to take after the single player campaign maps as well. One being jungle themed, the other being ice themed. While to some shooter fans might be more accustomed to a larger map selection, the open beta of Battleborn does offer some unique materials for players not normally seen in other Open Betas.

For instance, Battleborns Open Beta contains three intense challenges that unlock golden skins for three different challenges. By completing 1,000,000 story episodes, 1,000,000 vs. matches, or by collecting 15,000,000,000 shards total in any mode; you can prove to other players that you have no life you’re on the path to ultimate badassdom and are a true fan of the game.

The open beta only lasts till the 18th of April, and is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms. It’s currently free to anyone who downloads the game between now and the time the beta closes, so if you haven’t yet then at least check it out.