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Borderlands 2 “Meating” Krieg

Hands On With The Psycho


As most of the gaming world already knows, Borderlands 2 is introducing a new playable character on May 14th. Krieg is a Psycho class bandit and will be available for 800MSP, and is not included in the season pass for the game. Recently we had the chance to get hands on with this new character and explore some of his unique skills, so if you pardon the pun, let’s meat Krieg.

Gearbox are giving us a chance here to play as one of the enemy classes we have fought on Pandora since the beginning, the dreaded Psycho Bandit. Krieg is said to be an escaped experiment, who now hates his former comrades and wants revenge for what they have done to him. Emerging from the lab with a twisted arm and messed up face, he is now on a mission to inflict as much damage as possible on his enemies with the aid of a large axe, and a skill tree that makes him into a walking meat grinder. When I first started playing as Krieg it felt strange, as my favorite character is Zero because I like to use the sniper and try to stay at a distance from the enemies. Krieg on the other hand likes to be up in the mix, with close hand combat delivering devastating blows with an animalistic and fearless approach . Strange as it was, it was exhilarating to control that type of character and I soon got into the swing of things, running into groups of enemies with axe swinging coming out the other side leaving a trail of body parts behind me. Add to this his ability to set himself on fire and you have a running fireball with a blender attached!

Krieg has a somewhat complicated skill tree and is definitely not a character for a beginner of the Borderlands series, but once you get to understand how each skill effects another you will be rewarded with a character that could possibly be the toughest ever witnessed throughout the series. We all know that all characters can use any weapons in Borderlands and Krieg is no exception, but to get the most out of his class up close and personal combat is needed. The 3 main skill sets are Bloodlust, Mania and Hellborn each having unique and very devastating branches. Krieg’s action skill is Buzz Axe Rampage during which he can not only swing his axe but throw it too, and this is when the true Psycho inside shines through. Running into enemy after enemy shouting things like “Stop Screaming” and “Krieg Krieg Krieg Kill Kill Kill !.


Borderlands 2 has been around for a while now and some might say it is too late to be introducing a new character, but with all games out there today the developers have to keep it fresh or risk losing their audience to the nonstop onslaught of new releases. I have little time these days to keep up with DLC releases, as I am constantly moving on to the next title for review but I have kept up with the world of Pandora. All I can honestly say, is that the introduction of Krieg to the game has given it another dimension with a completely new way to conquer the world of Pandora. Is it worth paying out for even if you already have the season pass? Yes! I think it is, just for the sheer pleasure and raw destruction the character gives the player. Krieg for me is the most involved character of the series, truly giving you more and more bloody fun the more you play with him.Maybe Gearbox and 2K are giving us a sneak peek into the next title, who knows what is planned for the future of Pandora, I just hope we won’t have to wait too long to find out. And don’t forget the last DLC of the season pass is due out on June 25th entitled ” Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragons Keep”, which we have also played and will be giving our thoughts on that soon. For now however, Krieg is dying to meat you!