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Buttons Breakdown

Here at Mouse n Joypad we take our reviewing seriously and before any review goes live it is checked by a number of staff for quality and fairness. We want to be honest with our readers and supply them with fair information based on what we have played, how it stacked up against other games of the same genre or even the same franchise. We are gamers first and foremost just like you with a passion for the industry, it is that passion that drives us to provide you with the best information we can on a given game. 

Reviews are opinions and no matter where you have read a review it still remains the opinion of that individual reviewer. We also try and finish a game in its entirety where ever possible before sitting down and discussing it at length among ourselves, before any pen goes to paper. This enables us to talk about the points we want to bring up in the review and also make sure they are valid points. Enabling us to be fair not only to you as the consumer, but also the developers that have put in the hard work of making the game. We score every game out of 100 points. These points are determined by giving our score to each of the criteria, and then the average score at the end is the final review score.

If you disagree with our score we have the facilities for you to add your own score to the review, this will also show up on the main page giving every reader the chance to have their say. We will also list some of our likes and dislikes, followed by the overall conclusion of the reviewer. We would like to say that you may also debate in a professional manner in the comments if you disagree with the outcome of the review. We do encourage you to follow all of our reviewers on the social feeds where they will be more than happy to engage with you, in a professional and courteous way. Abuse will not be tolerated, if you can’t debate like an adult then please refrain from saying anything.

What follows is a breakdown of our scores, which Buttons our not so friendly mascot has volunteered to give you. He would like us to mention that this is Buttons Breakdown and what he says goes, so take it away Buttons.



This score is reserved for the best of the best. The game might still have a few flaws but stands as a shining beacon for all to follow. Simply put, you are not a gamer if you do not buy this immediately, lock yourself in a dark room and don’t emerge until it is finished. I would call this “The Buttons Bollocks Buy”.

90 – 99%


A score of this type is definitely something you want to have in your collection. Games that are rated between these numbers are inspiring and have genuinely moved us to the point of sheer bliss. Whether they are a total amazing new idea or a revamp of an old one that works so well it amazed us. I would have to call this “Tote Amaze Balls”.

80 – 89%


Games hitting the final score in this range are not to be overlooked. They have impressed us in many ways, they may have flaws but they will generally be flaws that can be overlooked to a degree. This is because the title offers us an experience that is truly memorable on some front. This is my “Mutts Nuts” buy.

70 – 79%


These games are still games that should not be overlooked. They are Good because we enjoyed playing them or they made us happy. They will generally be games that have a repetitive nature or have flaws that are not so easily overlooked, but still delivered an enjoyable experience. A bit like the one night stand that was still there two days later, so I am calling this the “Stand Up” buy.

60 – 69%


Okay says it all really without expanding too much. These games will generally be worth a look but you may want to wait for the bargain bin to open up first. With these title they will generally have many flaws that simply can’t be overlooked, but still have some light at the end of the tunnel, it’s waking up beside someone and you can’t quite remember how you got there, the “Beer Goggles” buy.

50 – 59%


The mediocre games generally are the ones we forget about the day after, offering nothing new or spectacular, they are simply bland. Sometimes they may have a good premise, but are usually badly executed and forgettable. If you manage to buy one of these anyway they will pass the time to a degree. I have to call this my “Missing A Stroke” buy.

40 – 49%


These games were best off left in the box and really should have never seen the light of day. Even if the developer manages to get a good idea in there somewhere they are usually so smothered in bad ones that you can barely see it. This is my “Blind” buy.

30 – 39%


Awful says it all really, if you value your time on this planet it would be better spent elsewhere other than on these.These games will generally have little or no good point about them. They will be the thorn in your side as you wish you had never met them, they are “The Ex” buy.

0 – 29%


If you could get lower than awful, then really and truly the game should never have even been developed. These are total and utter crap, not to put too fine a pint on it and insult the very fabric of the industry. By no means should you ever invite one into your house, “The Mother-In-Law” buy.


So there you have it all of our scores broken down by Buttons, in a somewhat questionable way. If you have any questions about our scores or anything in general you can always hit the Contact Us button in the bottom right corner of your screen.