PC Mods

Double Action Boogaloo | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Double Action Boogaloo     John Woo. John freaking Woo. Even his last name is a celebration within itself. Cast your mind back, if you will, to a time before the Wachowski’s made the film about slow motion gun fights between men who never changed their facial expression. Action junkies were already getting their fix off of John Woo films. These often poo...[Read More]

The Nameless Mod – Mod Spotlight | MOUSE n JOYPAD

The Nameless Mod – Mod Spotlight   Deus Ex is a marvel of a game, even after all this time. And even though Human Revolution suits me a tad bit better in terms of gameplay, I will definitely not ignore the fact that it was its predecessor that revolutionized video games back in its day. What I will ignore, however, is Invisible War, just so we get that out of the picture. It&ac...[Read More]

Brutal Doom – Mod Spotlight | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Brutal Doom – Mod Spotlight     Doom. Oh you silly rascal. If you’re like me and played the game back when it was still somewhat popular, you remember it being a blood-soaked kill-fest with a definitive no-bull*hit altitude. Now, if you try to play it today, it’s a clunky, old-school, repetitive grandfather of a game that cannot hold a ca...[Read More]