PC Previews

Armed and Gelatinous Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Over the course of the last decade or so, gaming as a whole has made strides in virtually every relevant area of development. Whether it’s gameplay, graphics, physics, simplicity of development… you name it – it’s been improved. It’s a natural process of iteration that, strangely enough, ignored a single element older games had nailed back in the day: hotseat  multiplayer. Of cou...[Read More]

The Kindred Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Minecraft is seen as a sort of mixed blessing in the design community. On one hand, it displayed that you don’t need next-gen graphics or complicated mechanics to draw in a large crowd of fans. On the other, it started a trend of voxel-based copycats trying to quickly and cheaply cash in on the fame Minecraft had. Now, should any poor developer be tempted to use minimalist voxel-based des...[Read More]

Herolike Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  I spend a lot of time on Steam. I am not talking about time spent actually playing games via Steam, but rather I spend what is bound to be a significant part of my life going down what I like to call the “Steam rabbit hole”. I have not taken an exact tally, but Steam currently has more games than I’ll ever realize – and that number gets bigger each month! This means that there are a...[Read More]

Overfall Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Asa gamer, do you ever yearn for a bit of whimsy in your life? Do you ever want to play a colourful, vivid game that cracks jokes all the time and isn’t afraid to pull a fast one on you to keep you entertained? Naturally, such games do exist, but it is my personal belief that they are too few and far between. I’m not jabbing titles that take themselves seriously, mind you, it’s just t...[Read More]


I’m a big fan of structure, and that’s one of the reasons I like games such as The Solus Project. For a while now, we’ve been getting sandbox titles that had little to no form – true to their name – and while this is fine for when you just want to have fun and ignore the loosely strewn together storyline, a gaming session in which a person is properly invested in whatever title he or she is playin...[Read More]

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  If someone asked me about my favourite intellectual properties I’m positive Warhammer 40K would be one of the top three. My obsession with this universe goes into the early days of my gaming career, when Dark Crusade was the first RTS I really got into on PC – this made me look into the universe of Warhammer and read up on lore. In an instant, I was sold. It’s not strange, then, that ...[Read More]

Marvel Heroes 2016 Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  I’ve always had a soft spot for hero games. Whether it’s the more serious and grounded Spiderman games, or the more zany and whacky Saints Row 4; I’ve always admired the sheer amount of exhilaration and exploration presented to me in each game. Of course, from time to time there’s a flop, but for the most part, it’s rare for me to play a game about superheroes and not have some mo...[Read More]

Human Fall Flat Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Simplistic, yet fun and creative!  As some of our readers may know, in case you’re familiar with my previous features, I’ve got two basic archetypes by which I judge a game; optimism that degrades into general disinterest or disappointment, or anticipated dread that turns to joy when I find out a game is actually much better than it looks. With Human Fall Flat, this may be the first game I’...[Read More]

Torment: Tides of Numenera Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent a not-inconsequential amount of time playing Pillars of Eternity. Got a copy off GoG in an effort of expanding my DRM-free library for the hell of it, and I have to admit it’s an exquisite game indeed. A phenomenal RPG, even, with truckloads of content spread around the vast game world for the player to interact with. However, it misses a certain somet...[Read More]

Kôna: Day One Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  It takes a special kind of game to pull off immersion properly. And I’m not talking about the kind of immersion we’re served often enough in atmospheric games. No, I’m thinking of VR-level stuff that makes you gasp in awe at just how amazingly well-realised the game world is. Some such titles I can name off the top of my head are The Long Dark and The Forest. Mind you, this isn’t ab...[Read More]

101 Ways to Die Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  It’s not about killing; it’s about killing with style. This is the mantra behind Four Door Lemon Ltd.’s latest endeavor – 101 Ways to Die. Slated to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 soon this year, the game itself is a physics-based puzzle game with a bit of a bloody twist. Though, before I go into details about that particular twist, a bit of backstory. You are a new assistant to t...[Read More]

Black Desert Online Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

 I rarely get wrapped up in MMORPGs, and I’ve only dabbled in the major IPs, but Black Desert had me rethinking my decision. I mean, Fallout 4 is taking up a lot of my time recently, and I don’t see how it’s any different than those dreaded ‘time-drains’ like World of Warcraft or Star Wars Galaxies. I think my biggest hurdle is that these AAA titles usually get mediocre review scores, a...[Read More]