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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Boy, talk about not judging a book by its cover. When I first downloaded Stikbold!, I was expecting a straight-up sports game with a cartoonish aesthetic. What I got instead was more of an adventure game filled with kidnapping, betrayal, love, and a giant white whale that tries to swallow you whole. Yes, you heard me right; Moby Dick makes a cameo in this game.   The game may start off...[Read More]

Action Henk Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Boy, Action Henk sure is an… interesting game. Besides knowing that you can butt-slide around, and it’s humorous visuals and presentation, I had no idea what I was in for when I fired it up on my Xbox One. All I knew was that some fat guy was front and center on the game’s cover. Well, I’ve been playing it for a few days now, and I have to say that I wasn’t expecting it to be a sp...[Read More]

Halo 5: Guardians Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Halo 5: Guardians Preview Spoiler Alert & Info This preview of Halo 5: Guardians is based on the first two missions of the campaign. The article below may contain some spoiler information regarding these missions, so read at your own risk. As this is only based on the first two missions this preview is by no way representive our final impression of the game. Â Â The time is nearly upon us ladi...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Rainbow Six Siege Preview    While covering E3, I began to hear rumblings of a new Rainbow Six game. Rainbow Six: Patriots? I thought that game was cancelled. Then came the announcement trailer for Rainbow Six Siege. Destructible environments, endless ways to tackle an objective, nail biting co-op gameplay. While rubbing my hands together I could hear myself mumbling “very interesting” in m...[Read More]

Skylanders: SuperChargers’ Drive to Keep The Series Fresh | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Skylanders: SuperChargers’ Drive to Keep The Series Fresh & Fans Happy My Personal Tour of Vicarious Visions and Their Balancing Act With Their Expanding Series With the Toys-To-Life model continuing to surge in our market, the steady and continued growth year after year isn’t anything a gamer should turn their nose up at. With many child-friendly companies like Nintendo, Disne...[Read More]


Recently we here at Mouse n Joypad had the chance to get some hands on time with LEGO Jurassic World, the new game from TT Games and Warner Bros. that will launch in June the same day as the movie of the same name. Now we all love the LEGO games from the youngest to the oldest of us, even if we don’t admit it, we still play them because they are made to be fun and interactive for the whole family....[Read More]

Mortal Kombat X Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Mortal Kombat X Preview   A few days ago I was lucky enough to get some time playing Mortal Kombat X and have a chat with Hans Lo, Senior Producer at Netherealm Studios for Mortal Kombat X. As some of you may know the Mortal Kombat series of games started way back in 1992 when it made its first appearance thanks to Midway Games. Midway Games sadly went into bankruptcy in 2011 when Warner steppe...[Read More]

Neverwinter Beta Impressions | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Neverwinter Beta Impressions   Recently I spent a few days in the Dungeons & Dragons world of Neverwinter during the closed Beta stage on Xbox One. Neverwinter is an MMO that is coming to Xbox One as a free to play title from Arc Games, and having spent some hours exploring this world I can honestly say the developers are putting a lot of work into the console version of this RPG. As with al...[Read More]


#IDARB Preview  #IDARB started as a single tweet by lead director Mike Mika of Other Ocean Interactive when he posted alongside an image of a red box, “Where to go with this? I’ve started a new project, it draws a red box. Thinking platformer.” And thus #IDARB was spawned, with the acronym of course standing for ‘it draws a red box’. After many inceptions, the game became an 8-player ar...[Read More]

The Crew Beta Impressions | MOUSE n JOYPAD

The Crew Beta Impressions   Upon booting up The Crew, I was treated to a long disclaimer asking me to refrain from forming or sharing an opinion based on this beta experience. This coupled with the fact that the review embargo is lifting after release, and that no major outlet is getting a copy until launch was all enough to destroy my confidence in The Crew. It’s a shame that The Crew is rele...[Read More]

Kalimba Sneak Peek | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Kalimba Sneak Peek    Press Play’s upcoming title Kalimba (formally known as Project Totem) is rather hard to describe. In the strictest sense it is a simple platformer but there is something about Kalimba that makes me think it is so much more. Built on Unity, this somewhat basic looking indie game has a certain charm that is hard to place. I have been fortunate enough to get early access...[Read More]


Gamers everywhere have been waiting for this alpha, and last week saw it’s arrival on Xbox One. If you are an Xbox preview participant you would have received your code the same time as I did, when it went live on the 30th of October. Evolve, the new multiplayer IP from 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios, was about to give us all a chance to delve into its 4v1 matches, either as a hunter or the hunt...[Read More]

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