Postal Redux Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  There are few games that can claim to have created such widespread controversy as the original Postal. A game where the sole objective was to simply massacre everyone on screen. Aside from Mortal Kombat (the reason we have the ESRB), it may be the most controversial game that has been released since the abhorrent Custer’s Revenge. Naturally this sparked outrage with people calling for the...[Read More]

Life Goes On: Done to Death Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Puzzle games that feature a nice balance in terms of difficulty seem to be a rare bird in this day and age. Sure, we have great puzzlers like The TALOS Principle and The Witness, but more often than not I find that puzzle games struggle with applying a difficulty curve that depends on how familiar gamers are with your brand of logic. Ending up with most games having a mix of hair pulling di...[Read More]


I’m not sure what it is, but I tend to get all the tearjerkers at Mouse N Joypad. In Between, Goetia, Between Me and The Night, and Afro Samurai 2. Jokes aside, I guess everyone there knows I’m a big softy, and I’ll probably get the most out of my time with any game about death, sorrow and existential themes. So, when I was handed Sassybot’s Fragments of Him, a new PC and Xbox One game about death...[Read More]

Mr. Nibbles Forever Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Porting a game across multiple systems is an easy and cheap way of extending its shelf-life, and reaching a number of new potential fans. For instance, not everyone in this day and age has a smartphone available to them (god have mercy on their souls), meaning a whole host of fun games like Temple Run and Angry Birds are inaccessible to casual gamers who might otherwise be interested in suc...[Read More]

Democracy 3: Africa Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Democracy 3: Africa is the newest installment in the Democracy franchise by Positech Games. For those unfamiliar, the Democracy series is a strategy simulator that puts you in the place of a newly appointed president. Strictly focusing on D3: Africa, this means you are placed in the role of a president of a select number of African states. Before you begin playing, you are given the option ...[Read More]

Speedrunners Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  When I met with tinyBuild at E3 of last year, I was surprised to find their small room was filled with the color orange; chairs, curtains, and party supplies. It was all orange. When I asked the obvious question any first-year reporter would ask, they gave me the easiest answer I ever had to understand from a developer; they were looking for something fun and memorable. After I got done che...[Read More]

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Mascot fighting games are absolutely great in my opinion. Bringing together a huge pool of characters from a variety of sources, all tied together by a common thread and making use of easily recognised characters and locations to treat fans of the company to a thrilling and fun mash of references and interesting character interactions that normally wouldn’t come about otherwise. Whether i...[Read More]

NightCry Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  When I heard about NightCry, I had a wave of childhood-inspired excitement overwhelm me. The Playstation’s Clock Tower was my go-to scary rental from my neighborhood shop when I was a kid, and my admiration has continued into my adult years. That being said- it’s not a great game. I’d be hard pressed to even call it a good game. Using a d-pad controller and a cursor, you click your wa...[Read More]

Premium Pool Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

   It’s no small secret that I enjoy a good game of billiards. Whether in real life or a virtual game, few things in life are as satisfactory as messing up your shot, only to bank into a pocket unintentionally. The thrill of lining up one’s shot is comparable to hunting, or archery while retaining the charming appeal of never having to leave the safety of the indoors. Billiards also has ...[Read More]

The Guest Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD

  Waking up in the 1980’s in a Massachusetts hotel suite, The Guest puts you in a situation where you’re left to put the pieces together on your own. After I had strumbled around the bedroom, locked in without a clue on how to leave, I found papers filling me in on who I was. It would seem that I was a doctor from Russia, here for a conference and holding up until the first day. As I expl...[Read More]


Have you ever heard of Death to Spies? It’s a somewhat niche WWII version of Hitman, where players take up arms as a Russian spy doing his part in taking down the forces of the Axis. It’s a relatively little-known and relatively old series that has its loyal following but has never really grown enough to be considered a serious contender to Hitman, its only real competitor. Death to Spies (and its...[Read More]


By today’s video game marketplace standards space is anything but the final frontier. As a matter of fact, it is quite a commonality to come across a space-based video game perhaps two out of six times while scrolling through any respective digital distribution marketplace – not trying to be exact here, but that ratio, I feel, is accurate enough based on personal experience. Nevertheless, there is...[Read More]