Divinity: Original Sin Goes VR | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Enhanced Edition of Original Sin gains free VR, with no headset required


It’s not unusual for games these days to receive some form of update or patch to allow support for VR headsets. Many titles even seem to be coming out that are tailor made around the idea of using VR headsets, embracing the trend after the official release of the Oculus Rift earlier this month.  One such game being Divinity: Original Sin.

Now, players who own the Good Old Games copy of Enhanced Edition can download an update, start a new game, and experience Original Sin with the added bonus of VR support.  Announced today on the Kickstarter for Original Sin II, somewhat famous RPG devs Larian Studios seeks to breathe some new life into the Enhanced Edition while simultaneously hyping up the possibility of such a feature appearing in Original Sin II as well.Â

Featuring a new gameplay style, allowing players to see things in a new way, the VR mode of Original Sin lets players move from the top-down perspective closer to the action.   Using this new perspective, the devs at Larian plan to include new treasure and puzzle elements hidden behind walls, crates, and other environmental objects for players to discover.Â

Players can activate the new game mode by starting up a new game, and discovering a curious set of goggles placed inside a box in the starting area.  Then it’s just a matter of equipping them to use the VR settings.  The best part of all this is that the new VR settings are absolutely free as well!  Using the VR mode doesn’t actually require a VR device, meaning players can access it without a clunky, expensive set of goggles taking up space.  Allowing any player the ability to enjoy all the fun new options Larian will put into this new mode.Â

With this new feature, the Kickstarter for Original Sin II reaching all of it’s stretch goals and blowing its original five hundred thousand dollar goal out of the water; Larian Studios has plenty to look forward to with its Divinity series of games. Fans more so, as anyone who visits Larian at Pax East 2016 and talks about the VR will be given some free loot, as well as a chance at trying Original Sin 2’s new combat system.Â