Doom Multiplayer and Snapmap | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Quakecon has passed us by, and Bethesda has shown off some cool new stuff. Fresh from showing off the amazing trailer for their new Doom title at E3, Bethesda has gone on to show more at this year’s Quakecon. Jumping right into it, they showed a massive amount of interesting details regarding their multiplier for Doom and revealed Snapmap, a new application that allows a map/match building system that players can use to create and share with others.

In an interview with Pete Hines, Vice President for Bethesda, Pete talked about how MP is going back to its roots. Much like in the vein on Quake and Unreal Tournament, they wanted players to experience MP as more of a fast paced aggressive duel than knowing the map or seeing your enemy first. “I really love the fact how it’s not a quick draw thing, where you come around the corner and whoever hits the trigger first, the other guy goes down and that’s it.” Pete went on to say “It’s almost more like a duel. Where you are firing back and forth and one shot isn’t gonna kill and you have to use your weapon vs. theirs.” You’ll have the ability to double jump and you move around pretty fast, making dodging weapons fire essential to playing the game.

Pete went on to say that every map has a tight, indoors, arena style feel to it. Taking the MP away from games such Battlefield or CoD “It doesn’t feel like [not] knowing the level is a huge disadvantage.” Matches have you keep moving forward, and while there is no health regen, you have to keep moving to find the med packs that your enemies drop in order to stay in the fight. With 6v6 matches, a game can last about 8 minutes.

While the playstyle for Doom is looking fun with its fast paced aggressiveness, Pete spoke of their new Snapmap system. This system has you making maps for online play from scratch. Using a variety of different rooms that snap together door to door, you can set different traps and lay down items or enemies wherever you want, all while changing how the map interacts with you while you play. “..any interior level in Doom 4, you can recreate.” Whether you want to make something for single player, Co-Op, or even 4v4, a lot of different options for gameplay are available and just require players to be creative. Snapmap will be available with Doom on release day.”

Doom’s release window will be Spring 2016