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E3 Reactions



The 21st Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, arrived last week. For the first time since the birth of Mouse N Joypad, we were able to attend the conferences in person. We spoke with developers and publishers as well as other gamers. E3 is a rich time in the gaming calendar and 2015 has been the best E3 for a while (if you ask me). There was so much information thrown at us over the last seven days that it takes a while to fully process it all.

Now some times has passed I feel it is necessary to bring you my reactions from the conferences. Bethesda, Xbox, EA and Ubisoft all had some great games on show, whether a teaser or actual gameplay, it’s all worth a watch. You can see videos if my reactions below.
The highlights of the week, for me at least, have to be the news of Xbox One backwards compatibility and the Hololens. The opportunities for Hololens are very exciting and I think all Xbox One fans can agree that backwards compatibility is something that we have all been waiting for. Bethesda had a great focus on DOOM and Fallout 4, both games look to be shaping up nicely, and I personally can’t wait for Ghost Recons Wildlands and Mass Effect Andromeda. There was a tonne of great content that was delivered and all you have to do, is scroll down and watch the videos to see exactly what we thought.






What did you think of E3? Was it all you had hoped or do you wish there had been more?