Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop Review | MOUSE n JOYPAD


Scott got to gush endless praise about Fallout 4 when it first came out, and the Automatron DLC, so now it’s my turn to tell you my thoughts on the game as well. So, what makes Fallout- wait- I’m only supposed to talk about ‘Wasteland Workshop’? I have to focus on the lackluster, buggy upgrade that feels more like withheld content as opposed to a full-fledged addition? Are you sure!? Alright- but you’re not going to like it.

Bad introductions aside, Wasteland Workshop should be taken about as seriously. It really isn’t a worthwhile upgrade- more like a Sims expansion pack. While it’s not as expensive as the other two DLC packs, this is so barebones, I’m not even sure how I can go about reviewing it.

Probably the biggest new feature is a battle arena, where you can capture and pit monsters and humans alike into a Thunderdome-esque battle for the ages. Unless the game gets buggy- and then it’ll just become a staring contest between two bored character models. You can use meat to lure in creatures to your settlement’s cages- but unless you’re fond of your settlements or the prospect of post-apocalyptic pokemon, I don’t think this is a very strong pull to purchase this upgrade. Sadly, this is probably the biggest addition to the content, so if you’re not impressed, nothing in the rest of this review should pull you in.


There’s a drone you can build to help you find materials- and that’s really cool. Sadly, this copper/porcelain/circuit board locator doesn’t even bring you these items, but rather runs up to them and becomes a mechanical Pointer. Good dog- maybe soon I can teach you to grab the newspaper instead of simply letting me know where it is. Don’t I have a workbench that builds deadly robots, but a bot with a grabbing hand? Pfft.

There are additional items to adorn your makeshift homes and bases, but most of the items feel either too tongue-in-cheek to be taken seriously or ripped directly from the game’s world. I’m sorry, but paying five dollars to add parking signs to my walls is something I left behind me the last time I left Spencer’s Gifts. These ‘upgrades’ seem like the bottom of the barrel that’s been held back to fulfill the need to sell this unnecessary addition.

Simply put, this isn’t new content, but merely decorations and a battle arena that seems to have been held back to fix post-release- and even then it still doesn’t work right. There were so many things they could’ve taken from the PC modders that would’ve made this upgrade worth it. One mod allows you to clean up the debris and dead shrubbery from your settlement, and would’ve been an easy and welcome addition to anyone with OCD. How about the ability to turn off clipping to allow for item placement wherever we want? But I’m sure we’re going to be getting those mods on console soon- right Bethesda!?