First Soccer, Then Hockey; Rocket League is Now Hitting The Courts

Boomcha Calata! Psyonix, I could kiss you. But I won’t- that would be weird. Instead, I’ll just spread the news about your newest update; a free one no less. The newest patch for Rocket League: V1.17, brings not only the hotly anticipated basketball-inspired “Dunks” mode, but a brand new “Rocket Labs” map called “Cosmic,” NBA Logo flags (not free), the ability to auto-save and rename replays, and some new toppers and antennas.

First off, let’s grab the rock and head off to the new “Dunk House” map, which is a two on two fight for court supremacy. In this mode, the goal is now a hovering hoop at each end, with a force field surrounding it that only allows cars to drive through. This barricade does have a bit of a slant, but it tends to send the ball up and away from the rim as oppose to ramping into it, forcing the gameplay to become heavily reliant on aerial attacks. Defenders would do best under the rim and boosting up to goaltend, and slapping away any shots heading their way. The map is more sharply curved and significantly smaller, making this an ideal map for constant engagements.

The new update also features the “Cosmic” arena, which is similar to the Wasteland map regarding width and the recessed floor, but also includes a track that runs around the map, similar to “Underpass.” This new map is now one of four unranked levels that Psyonix may re-layer with new art assets and could end up in ranked matches.

New items inspired by videos games are being added to the toppers, including Euro Truck Simulator, Goat Simulator, Portal, Witcher 3, and Worms. Players can also purchase an NBA DLC pack that’ll unlock every professional team’s flag, but the NBA logo flag will come free with this new update.

There’s also some small changes to the overall game, including the ability to save replays mid-game, allowing you to keep track of memorable moments more quickly. Overtime will now have a count-up clock to let you know how long you’ve been in your battle for the last goal. Free Play mode will also drop the countdown, allowing for quicker training.

All these new changes are so exciting, and make me question what the next sport Rocket League will tackle. Baseball? Pool? Bowling? Whatever it may be, you know we’ll bring you the news you crave, right here at Mouse N Joypad. Catch you on the rebound!