Forza Motorsport 6: Apex To launch on Windows 10 | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Forza Motorsports is an Xbox-exclusive game that is adored by many Petrol heads and Car enthusiasts alike and is considered to be by many the best racing simulator series to-date. Therefore, Turn 10 were proud to announce on their website that the experience that many enjoy on Xbox will soon be appreciated by the PC gamers coming this Spring. According to the site, the game will be using the Direct X 12 API featured on Windows 10 only, so as to produce the stunning graphics and smooth framerate Forza’s PC release deserves. The website also indicates that the resolution can be cranked up to 4K, which is an important feature for all of those with powerful gaming rigs. This is all fairly ordinary these days, however, and Microsoft is yet to show real commitment to the PC gaming scene as they’ve promised, and maybe in the future, we will be able to see more games that are supposedly exclusive to the Xbox also join the PC game list. Let’s just hope the Gears of War release hasn’t set the precedent for the quality of these releases.

Plus, it’s a free experience for all of those who have Windows 10 installed. Now, it seems like you need a powerful CPU and GPU to run the game but we will have to wait and see what the updates from XboxWire and Forza Motorsport tell us.

We’ve also been shown a trailer recorded in 4K to showcase the beauty and extravagance of the game’s new release. We have also learned that many features from the original Forza 6 build will appear as well, such as Drivatars, which are representations of other players’ driving style. Also included are the voices of automobile enthusiasts’ favourite presenters: James May and Richard Hammond. They will guide you through the world of Forza while Stig will keep you company on the racetrack.

The game will ship with 20 iconic tracks from the original (which include the Top Gear Track and the new Rio de Janiero).

There have been rumours before about Forza 6 being ported to PC alongside Gears of War 4. If Microsoft decide to port more Xbox exclusive games over this could signify the beginnings of a large community consisting of both Xbox and PC players, and perhaps we will even witness cross-play as a consequence. Stay tuned for more news right here at Mouse N Joypad.