Fragments of Him Releasing on 3rd of May | MOUSE n JOYPAD


Sassy Bot, a Dutch game developer, has announced that their narrative game about losing a loved one will release for PC on March 3rd. ‘Fragments Of Him’ is a game focusing on the death of a man named Will. While the game’s narrative revolves around his sudden death, and the impact that death has on people around him, it also deals with the issues of homosexuality and the way the world handles differences. We receive these different views on the way the world works and how Will has dealt with his relationships with people. We see the situation through the eyes of Will’s ex-girlfriend, Wills ex-boyfriend (ex because of Will’s death), and his grandmother. The game will also come to consoles (Ps4 and Xbox one) later this year.

Sassybot was formed in 2012 by graduates of the a International Game Architecture & Design course in Breda,Netherlands. Fragments Of Him is Sassybot’s first game and therefore their proving title. They have a great start as game sites are raving about the deep story and eerie scenes that are contained in this two and a half hour experience. Giant bomb has exclaimed how “It doesn’t take much to cue the waterworks these days, but Fragments of Him, where a man tries to move on from a relationship shattered by a fatal car accident, hit home hard. […] I had to walk from my desk.” Also, Ubisoft lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem said that “Proves that we have barely scratched the surface of the emotions that can be raised through interaction.” With all of the hype building around the game community about the emotional tale, it is good Sassybot has announced the release date of Fragments Of Him.

There is also a newly released trailer for the game, showing off its dream sequence visuals and also it’s magical effects. Things look depressing, you see all the people that have been impacted by the death of their beloved Will and how they carry on even though a piece of them is gone. The whole situation seems very ‘nightmare before Christmas’-esque in that you can see what Will did ‘right and wrong’ but instead, you’re the judge of how he and others around him lived their life. It is unclear as of now if you’re playing in the eyes of Will’s soul or if you are just a person looking at the whole tragedy. This could easily become a game talked about when people mention powerful narratives. It looks a lot more grounded than other games of late and it will be interesting to see how Sassybot’s debut title does. I’m very interested to see how this narrative journey turns out, and I’ll be able to do so (at least on PC), March 3rd. For more on Fragments Of Him check back to