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FromSoftware Establishing New Studio



FromSoftware is the patron saint of incredibly hard games at the moment, and have released that they are planning on establishing a new development studio in Fukuoka, Japan sometime in October. While continuing the proud tradition of creating possibly the most difficult games on the market right now, this new development studio provides the company with many excellent opportunities to compete on a global scale as well as improving the quality of their already superb games. Many gamers are excited to hear this news about their favourite torturers, and look forward to their next set of games being phenomenally improved by this new studio.

This new studio will focus on creating 3D CG (3 Dimensional, Computer Generated) assets for the future FromSoftware games, while working very closely with the original office in Tokyo. They have decided to do this because Fukuoka is very easy to reach from Tokyo, and is home to a community of young people foaming at the mouth in anticipation for a career with these legendary developers. This would be an excellent, or at least interesting, career for any young artist/designer who would like to work at a company that takes their environment and visuals so seriously.

Many people believe that this is an odd direction for the expansion of a company, devoting an entire studio purely to the purpose of creating assets seems like madness. But we have to remember who and what we are dealing with here. FromSoftware’s game worlds are gargantuan monstrosities that refuse to indulge sky boxes. If you can see a castle or a dark spooky forest, chances are you will go there and possibly fight some cosmic beast threatening the world. Therefore, the company must burn through asset designers like regular people burn through a lung’s worth of oxygen on a hill. So it is only natural for them to progress by making one of their biggest selling points, the immersive and massive environment, and centre an entire studio on it. There are certainly high hopes for this studio, but I wouldn’t be the cloud impersonator that I am if I didn’t rain on some parades, so here I go. Do not get your hopes up for significant change. There will most definitely be change, but whether it is good or bad has yet to be shown and the degree of change will also need to be shown.

While I don’t believe the visuals in these games can get much better, if you do then feel free to comment on this article explaining how. If you can explain how and you can implement your changes provided you had the right equipment, then you should head over to FromSoftware’s recruiting site, where they provide the information necessary for applying to work at their next studio. The studio will officially begin operating in January next year, but it will be established in October, so apply fast!