Homefront: The Revolution’s Reworked Story | MOUSE n JOYPAD


Developer Deep Silver Dambuster Studios have released new information regarding Homefront; The Revolution’s new and hopefully improved story. The new trailer titled ‘America Has Fallen’ takes place at first in the seventies. The scene opens on two men sitting at a table stressed, they both stand over it looking at papers and computers discussing something. The house is under the ownership of ‘John Tae Se’ who starts his own technology company in his own garage, just as the tech moguls of Silicon Valley once did. The trailer then flashes to 2004 where his company, APEX, hosts a keynote in Pyongyang, Korea. The narrator explains how John’s company went from buying phones and simple technology, to amassing weapons capable of very dangerous stuff.

 He goes on to explain that the U.S is still in endless conflict in the middle east, and they need to find a way to stop the continued fighting. The United States spends millions on war efforts and does so to such an extreme that domestic problems have peaked just as high as foreign ones. Millions live on the streets, and a depression breaks the record for the biggest economic downturn America has seen. The trailer flashes to New York Harbor, Independence day (4th of July). All of America’s technology which was developed by APEX were hard wired to cease all control to Korean officials, and so the takeover began.

This is when the trailer shows the United States on a decline, but it never truly shares the exact way the KPA (Korean People’s Army) takes power in the east. KPA soldiers are seen helping American citizens in the wake of the technological crises. The story then shows its real conflict when these KPA soldiers start to mistreat American citizens and by 2027, the U.S is under full KPA occupation due to the major technological advantage the KPA has. There is hope however, and it is in the player. As the camera pans out of the picture of a damaged Philadelphia, it shows a band of rebels who will presumably ambush the KPA soldiers mistreating their peers.

You can experience the trailer in full here, take a look at the ‘Guerilla 101’ trailer here, and also view the ‘Hearts and Minds 101’ trailer here. For more on Homefront: The Revolution check back here at MouseNJoypad.com for all your gaming news.