Kleese and El Dragon Join the Roster of BattleBorn | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Gearbox Software, the developers of the critically acclaimed Borderlands franchise, are close to wrapping up the development of their upcoming title Battleborn, which is supposedly releasing on the third of May, this year. They have recently announced that two new characters are being added to the roster of 25 that will be shipped with the game. All characters are entirely different and suited for a different play style.

A floating manned chair-tank is the best way to describe Kleese, one of the new characters announced. According to the information given to us, Kleese is the former director of Minion Robotics and ‘hates getting his hands dirty.’ From what we can gather from Kleese’s trailer, he seems to be a ranged attacker that enjoys keeping his distance and supports the rest of his team, with traps and healing stations called “Energy Rifts”. The character design is fitting and quite absurd, thus conforming with Gearbox’s claim that these two characters are the “most absurd” of the roster.

A space luchador with powerful cybernetic arms is the way to describe El Dragon, the second announced character. According to his description, he lost his arms in a fight against an AI in a championship match, where the Robot ripped his arms off. One of his many iconic attacks include the “En Fuego” which sets him on fire and enhances his attacks for a limited amount of time, and the “Dragon Splash” which is performed when said character is on a higher ground than the enemy, when El Dragon jumps down and spreads his robotic dragon wings and crushes the opponent with tremendous force. His design is quite bulky and majestic, portraying his reigning championship and acknowledging his strength.

To our knowledge, the characters in the game are divided up into factions, each of which have their specific way of fighting. It appears that both of the newly added fighters are part of the LLC faction (Last Light Consortium) Which is one of the six factions available in the game. The LLC’s main focus is cybernetic machinery and the fastest way to gain profit; whatever the cost.