Warframe Update 14

Fellow Tenno, you will be pleased to hear that the fabled Warframe Update 14 is coming out this Thursday, 17 of July. The information has been sourced from The Lotus herself right here.

Now, in case you haven’t really read much into the information about the upcoming content, there’s a lot to be excited about. We will get access to the Liset, a personalized ship that will be our headquarters from now on. No more floating in the middle of the holographic Solar system, no sir. The Liset will have to be maintained and upgraded through a series of quests that will also serve as the introductory sequence to the main gameplay aspect of Warframe. Expect many more quests coming soon, too.

Aside from the customizable player base, each player will also have the chance to build a genetic foundry, through which a Kubrow may be raised. Kubrow is a combination of a dog/llama/bat harkening back to the Orokin era. These cute buggers will have specifically defined personalities and be able to go either stealth, charge ahead or do something else entirely, depending on the genetic data one uses to create them. They are rumored to be able to run along walls and are absolutely adorable – two things that make them even more awesome than they already are. Their usefulness is yet to be witnessed, of course, but I remain optimistic.

Aside from the Liset and Kubrow, Update 14 will also bring along at least three new weapons and a new warframe – Mirage. She’s a harlequin-type frame and is capable of using the environment to destroy her enemies. Hilarity will ensue, surely. One upcoming weapon is a dual-wielded handgun with what seems to be a high-capacity magazine. The design is seemingly Tenno-originated, but you can never know. The second firearm we’ve seen is a Corpus freeze gun that will fit nicely with my new Frost Prime warframe. Last but not least is the Aegis and Silva combo. These are energetic shield and gladius sword that will come with a completely new stance mod. Also, there are rumors that the existing stance mods will get 18 new combo attacks, so there’s that.

A new PvP mode is also in the works, and the Dark Sectors will get a substantial upgrade too.

Those are the big things, so to say, but there’s a bunch of other goodies coming too! A completely new HUD and UI are going to be implemented, not unlike that of Dead Space series. Holograms are always cool. Additionally, it’s rumored that the Tenno will finally be able to use emotes and specialized animations to communicate in the Dojo, but since this is unconfirmed I suggest taking it with a pinch of salt.

Expect an in-depth update as soon as we get to play what is the biggest Warframe update we’ve witnessed so far.