Kinect Is Essential To Xbox One

The internet is alive with news reports of Microsoft’s announcement that it will unbundle the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One. This seems to be an answer to Sony’s domination of the market, with PS4. Xbox again are backtracking to save face, and try to claw it’s way back to the top. It was pointed out to me recently, by Gale another writer here at Mouse n Joypad, about some of the real affects this will have on the future titles released on the platform. This decision not only effects game, but functionality and apps, is this really what we as gamers, NO! we as Xbox gamers want.

When the Xbox One starts shipping on June 9th with no Kinect, it will force developers to rethink including Kinect functions into their future releases. They will not want to exclude those possible customers without the ability of the Kinect, so in fact this is therefore making us gamers that have already forked out for this technology, at the losing end. We will have an accessory that will be useless in games, as the developers cut it from their productions.

On the side of Apps, gamers who purchase the unbundled Xbox will lose even more. For instance, they will not be able to record themselves to accompany any DVR that the Xbox records, thus making changes to Upload. Twitch will also be another one effected by this, as we will see more streams without the faces, I quite like seeing who I am watching. Skype will be back to the dark ages and you may as well chat over the phone or through party on Xbox Live. The Snap function will be almost useless, as you will no longer be able to give voice commands. Making you stop whatever you are playing or watching in order to Snap another App.

With all the functions that are lost with this decision, Microsoft is again making a rash decision. Leaving us true fans who paid full price at launch to suffer the consequences, just so they can be number one. From launch, the new Kinect sensor was to be an integral part of the Xbox One experience, now they are saying this is not true and we can  just get rid of it. I understand this is a business decision, but again they are robbing Peter to pay Paul, as the saying goes. Below is a promotional video made by Xbox, showing us just how important the Kinect is to the running of Xbox One, that by this time next year will probably be another useless piece of tech in the drawer.