Titanfall, Half A Game, Same Full Price

Titanfall, Half A Game, Same Full Price

We have been sitting on our Titanfall review to test it out on full servers, just to see how they hold up to the pressure, and so far they have. We tested the Beta and loved every moment of it, as Titanfall does deliver a fresh take on a genre that needed a swift kick in the ass. We reviewed The Art Of Titanfall, and became even more excited to play the campaign with strange animals, vehicles and the hope of a tremendous background storyline that would set the scene and delve into the war between the two factions. All of this is not too much to ask when Activision comes out with a full campaign. A host of new multiplayer features and the recent Extinction mode that replaced Zombies which is now building it’s own storyline through the releases of DLC’s. So what did we get in Titanfall?, well I will tell you, we got nine multiplayer maps sewn together by cheap voiceovers, and cut-scenes that you basically get at the start of every map in the multiplayer mode.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I play Titanfall online and enjoy it’s limited modes for the most part, but where the hell is the other half of my game?! If gamers wanted to play nine maps back to back in different modes, we could just select the Variety Pack from the menu, and even then get more variety than the campaign gives us. In the past Microsoft managed to give us brilliant exclusives on the Xbox platform, such as Gears Of War, that again not only had a host of multiplayer modes, but a very engaging campaign throughout the entire series, with maybe the exception of Judgement. To this very day you can still go online with GOW 1, to find an active online community, why? Because Microsoft cared about it’s exclusive title that was going to bring new players to it’s platform.

So what is the difference?, I hear you say. Well the difference is, this time Microsoft did not take the reins as they should have, but instead intrusted them to EA Games. If ever a game has been cut and rushed it’s Titanfall, they have published the multiplayer part of a ‘AAA’ title, and actually have the nuts to call it finished. The multiplayer half that the public has been sold is finished, and I have little or no complaints about it, but where are the animals we’ve seen in the art book? I quote, “From the beginning, we wanted to have exotic creatures inhabit our worlds. Some will walk or fly around levels harmlessly until people interfere. Others will attack when you just stare at them.”-Tu Bui, Concept Artist. So where are they all? In fact where is a lot of the stuff shown to us in the book. Gorilla tanks that look like walking spiders with guns, Samson trucks, Walkers, Assault cars, Industrial Titans, the list goes on, and still EA has the nuts to say this is a full game.

Titanfall already looks to be bearing the teeth marks of the EA animal, that so often chews up titles that could be some of the best on the market, only to digest and water them down to bare bones, just so they can then start to reap even more money from ordinary gamers. EA Games has a proven track record of sucking the life out of titles and then sucking the money out of hard working people. Let’s face it, if gamers are not working to earn their money then their parents are!. I love to game on Xbox, and I might add I only game on Xbox, this is why I am so discussed with this half assed attempt by EA Games to put out minimal content at maximum price, and the fact they have been allowed by Microsoft to do so. Another down side to all of this are the recent rumors that EA have secured the rights for a sequel, and that may well be ported to other formats, I have no problem with games being published across all platforms. What I do have a problem with, is that this exclusive to Xbox and PC, will in fact be the worst in the series. This means that Xbox gamers have got half of a game that could possibly be the worst in the series, as they hopefully improve on future releases, that has been hailed as the saviour of Xbox One.

What if anything here, has been a good deal for Xbox fans?, yes we have a fresh new multiplayer game, but that’s it!. I have seen other games give more content in a DLC, than we have been given in Titanfall, and for the last and possibly the most painful part of this, is that they now want us to fork out more cash, so we can go on pretending that we are so lucky that EA have given us half a game. My last word on this, is simply BOLLOCKS!! BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS.