New MGS5: The Phantom Pain Gameplay – MOUSE n JOYPAD

20 Minutes Of MGS5: The Phantom Pain Gameplay


Metal Gear and Konami have always had a strong presence at the Tokyo Game Show, arguably more so than that at the “major” events like PAX and E3, so it should come as no surprise that Mr Kojima has seen fit to flaunt 20 minutes of MGS5: The Phantom Pain gameplay.

In the clip, which looks beautiful, we are treated to completely new gameplay footage and mechanics. It starts off with Big Boss scaling a cliff and the detail and level of animation is impressive when the Boss starts shaking out tired muscles as he climbs. The clip also shows us a new sonar like ability that highlights points of interest within a certain radius and the ability to call a hologram distraction. Okay that last one seems a bit of wishful thinking for the time the game is set but remember…this is a computer game after all.

The star of the show has to be Silence. Her entrance via airdrop is the first involvement we have seen of the other characters that will play a part in the game. The simple act of her giving Big Boss a little nod as he spies her through his binoculars, in my opinion, immediately gives her a personality and confidence fitting her sniper role. Above all else, including the excellent visuals, new abilities and new environments the most noteworthy thing in the clip is the interaction Silence has with Snake. It shows that for the first time in a Metal Gear Solid game that you do not have to fight alone through the story and looks to add an entirely new level of depth to the franchise.

But that’s enough from me, to get the full impact of the gameplay you have to watch it……. So here it is.