New Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Screenshots | MOUSE n JOYPAD

New screenshots for The Witcher 3’s second, and biggest, DLC; Blood And Wine. The new screenshots give us more hints at the colorful setting of Toussaint, the thought enemies we’ll face, and the allies we will team with to bring these fearful monsters to the grave. From the beautiful hills which Geralt peers out from, to a restaurant in which Geralt is meeting the ruler of Toussaint. This new bundle of information is great for anyone dying to get back into the huge (both narratively and land wise) open world that The Witcher 3 offers.

The first picture we see above came with the caption “Anna Henrietta and her entourage.” Anna is said to be the ruler of the new lands that Geralt will visit in the Blood and Wine expansion. She is seen being accompanied by three women who are probably her helpers. The group of five look to be either just outside or inside some city walls, or maybe even an arena. It is also fairly safe to say that the gear Geralt is wearing is from the DLC and is new, more advanced Witcher armor.

This next screenshot sees Geralt attending a restaurant. The picture is captioned “Beauclair is all kinds of fancy.” Beauclair being the name of the restaurant. We see very colorful splashes of red and a bright, more energetic feel than the original locations. These people obviously are not caught by the struggles of war that the base game has seen. They eat lavish food, and dress like every day is a wedding. This change of pace and color could be to change enough of the feel of The Witcher three to bring players back in.

Now this picture is very different. Titled “I think we’re not in Novigrad anymore,” which goes without saying. We see Geralt standing in the middle of what looks to be like a page ripped from a kids’ Alice In Wonderland book. Mushrooms and bright colors surround Geralt as he looks around curiously. Could this be a new beasts way of attracting little girls to eat, or just a dream Geralt has found himself in.

Lastly, this screenshot shows off a new enemy called the “Scolopendromorphs,” of which the caption shares the same name. These monsters don’t look too happy with Geralt and their fifty-something legs probably don’t either. Could these creatures be just a new grunt, picking at Geralt with feeble attempts to take him down. Or are these super-sized centipedes perhaps rare monsters which require some truly advanced Witcher skills to hunt.

CD Projekt Red is highly optimistic about their last DLC. Michal Platkow Gilewski, lead of marketing at CDPR, said “Blood and Wine is the sum of all the experiences we gained when creating Wild Hunt, so it’s definitely more refined than Wild Hunt in many regards, but that doesn’t mean it’s better per se,” and went on to say “I wouldn’t point fingers at what’s better separately, as each addition to Wild Hunt (including over 10 updates we’ve released so far) enriches the overall experience you get from The Witcher as a game in general. The base game with the expansions is simply better than without them.”

This could be marketing speak but CD seems to be anticipating a great wealth of worthy Witcher 3 content when Blood and Wine drops. For everything about The Witcher 3; Blood and Wine check back to