The Hit Is In On Mafia III This October 7th | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Hopefully, Hanger 13’s third entry in the Mafia franchise will be better than the previously alluded trilogy’s ending. Today I bring you some news about the upcoming open-world crime drama, with some offers you can’t refuse.

There’re going to be three editions of the game; a standard, Limited and Deluxe version. In the Deluxe Edition, which according to a press release will “be available digitally and physically in a limited capacity from select retailers, and includes both the game and access to additional, post-release downloadable content, including the Season Pass at additional savings.” The collector’s edition comes with everything in the Deluxe Edition, but also “the original game score on vinyl, a collectable(sic) art book, art prints and more.” If you pre-order the game through certain retailers, you will also receive a “Family Kick-Back,” that includes three additional vehicles and weapon gifts.

Mafia III is a sandbox adventure game set in a reimagined version of New Orleans called New Bordeaux that retains all the style of the Louisiana bayou. The game follows Lincoln Clay, a combat veteran who served in Vietnam, comes back to the bustling city he left behind. His “black mob” crime family is still set on maintaining their hold of the streets, but when the Italian Mafia kills everyone in his family, Lincoln decides he needs to get revenge. Using his military experience, the troubled soldier goes on a warpath of bloodshed.

“Mafia III introduces a true open world, rich with its own criminal ecosystems to the franchise, while still upholding the strong narrative storytelling and immersive setting that the previous Mafia games are known for,” said Hanger 13’s creative director Haden Blackman in a press release. “New Bordeaux in 1968 provides a unique and powerful backdrop for our hard-boiled story of crime, betrayal, loyalty and revenge.”

Mafia III is releasing on October 7th, 2016, and will be available on PS4, XBox One and PC. While the game is not yet rated, based on previous games in the series and information about the contents, it’ll most likely be rated M for Mature. Are you excited for a mob game set in the late 60’s in the deep south? Make sure you let us know in the comments. For more gaming news that’ll make sure you get the message, keep reading Mouse N’ Joypad.