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Team Mascot & Cheese Lover

Hey I’m Buttons, you may have seen me in things like Mouse Trap, The Cheese Lovers Diary or in my younger years, Buttons Does Minnie, but we won’t talk about that. Now I am hanging out with this sorry bunch, playing games and generally chewing up everything in sight. I can usually be found napping on my controller or nestled between the stacks of games. Anyway, that’s me!


Samia Farrell

Chief Editor and Administrator

I love to game, especially puzzle and platform games. I can usually be found trawling the internet or on Xbox. I am not a boss, I am THE boss lol. Currently very busy studying Criminal Psychology at University, still in my first year and loving it, although it can be taxing. Mouse N Joypad is a passion of mine and as so I treat it like my baby. Anyway that is all I am going to say about me for the moment, so go away and look at someone else   


Johnny Walsh

Reviewer, Administrator and Web Design

I am getting too old not to be called a life long gamer, considering I have been gaming since the days of the ZX Spectrum. I enjoy shooters and any game that has a good campaign. I will generally play all types of games, but they have to grab my attention in the first hour, to keep me playing to the bitter end. I dislike poorly executed ideas. I do a lot of what Samia says, not that I’m whipped, it’s just that I like a peaceful existence.



Filip Galekovic

PC Editor and Reviewer.

A freelancer with a startling dedication towards gaming and writing – where neither is more prevalent than the other. My favourite franchises are Lords of Shadow, Mass Effect and The Witcher. But I do love me some mind-numbing FPS from time to time. Add a whole slew of indies to the mix, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of my gaming preferences. I try to make my articles well-versed and interesting by taking a different approach every time, depending on the given game. Also, humour. I tend to be funny at times. For better or worse – I’ll leave that up to you.


Scott ‘Tickles’ Davidson

Assistant Editor and Reviewer

Scott “Tickles” Davidson lives in Fife in Scotland and between playing video games and rage-quitting he tends to spend the rest of his time in preparation for the inevitable zombie outbreak.


Rahman Telliam

Writer and Reviewer


I simply love gaming, from the satisfaction of winning against my friends to getting a new lap record. Stories are always nice to have, but not essential, as long as the game’s fun. Currently, my favourite games are the Arkham series, Burnout/Need for Speed and Injustice- Gods Among Us, though I’m partial to Left 4 Dead 2 and Skyrim every once in a while.


Ahmed Mohamed

Writer and Reviewer


Been playing since the PS1 days. Favorite games include Jet Set Radio, Heavy Rain and Uncharted. Avid fan of Halo e-Sports and lore.

Jordan Hall

Writer and Reviewer

Jordan Hall rests his head in the foothills of Kentucky. When he’s not tossing pizza and telling his dog to stop whatever shenanigans he’s in to, he holds up in his spare bedroom, mashing buttons and staring at a TV for hours on end, and occasionally decides to write a sentence or two.


William Kesner

Writer and Reviewer

I eat, sleep, and write in sunny California. In college I was abducted by tabletop rpg gamers, and even after escaping the brainwashings have kept me rolling dice on tables. Catch me on twitter @wmkesner, where I am a mustachioed refrigerator.


Catherine Crosby

Esports Reporter

Hi, my name is Catherine Crosby. I am sixteen years old and have been into League of Legends since early season 3. Writing is my passion and I follow the pro scene incredibly closely.



Reviewer Of Kiddies Games

Hey I am JJ the resident Kiddies Corner reviewer. I like science, boxing, scouts and playing Xbox. I also like to annoy my parents by being a clever dick. My favourite games are LEGO and Cloudberry Kingdom.