The blood-oozing Hack ‘n Slash RPG Trapped Dead: Lockdown is gushing with features:

In this thrilling story, you will uncover the events and origin of the disastrous zombie apocalypse that threw a small American town into a morbid atmosphere after a mysterious rainfall. Every of the five characters follow their own goals; the buff marine soldier is on a desperate search for his wife, while the marshal, the brute butcher and the hitman have their very own motivations to venture through this hell. Even a mystical exorcist is in on it. But they all got one thing in common: with your help they’ll slash their way through tons of zombies in a gigantic bloodbath!

To master this superiority, a vast array of weapons is placed at your disposal. Not only various firearms, bludgeons and machetes up to chainsaws but also special abilities, depending on your chosen character. But your enemies have something up their rotten sleeves as well; expect tricky boss enemies, a multitude of different zombies, of which some even recover themselves by eating their own guts. Hmm, yummy!

Best of all, not only by yourself, but even with friends you’ll be able to enjoy Trapped Dead: Lockdown in multiplayer mode for up to four players online – sharing is fun, so is a shared slaughter! Given this fact, you can find a deal on the Steam Store: the “Trapped Dead: Lockdown 4-Pack” including the game, three additional gift-codes for your friends, as well as Trapped Dead: Lockdown’s predecessor and Best German Action Game 2010 “Trapped Dead”.

• Zombie-Action in a rich horror atmosphere
• An exciting story
• Five different classes with individual storylines and motives
• Complex skill tree to level up your abilities and attributes makes for an individual RPG experience
• More than thirty active and passive skills to learn at each of the five classes
• Hundreds of weapons and items
• Diverse enemies and boss monsters
• Use cars to smash through the enemies
• Sell, buy and repair tools and weapons at the drifter – he’s always ready for a nice deal
• Online Co-op-multiplayer for up to four players
• Dialogue spoken by professional voice actors and fully subtitled
• “Trapped Dead: Lockdown 4-Pack” containing three additional keys of Trapped Dead: Lockdown and one of the game’s predecessor ‘Trapped Dead’