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Tritton PRO + 5.1 Headset Review



The latest headsets to hit the market from Mad Catz is the Tritton Pro+, set to revolutionise sound quality for gaming. Sometimes, when it comes to doing a product review it takes a little longer than usual because you can tell this product is a next step, that the company that made it plans to show it proudly to the world and that this product will be showing up on the competitive circuits.  You have to take a little more time with such a product to make sure it lives up to the company’s claims and that it is thoroughly tested.  That’s why it took a little longer to review the new Tritton Pro+ 5.1 surround headset, the new standard in gaming headsets.

So to get started, this Mad Catz headset is the only true 5.1 Surround Sound headset available for the Xbox 360 today. Mad Catz have been making headsets for the gaming world and the Xbox 360 since it came into production, and with this, their latest addition to their vast Tritton range, they have made something that delivers true 5.1 surround sound. The first thing you will notice about this headset is the striking style of the colour scheme, gloss white with a black stripe and the signature Tritton logo lighting up in orange on each ear piece. They are positively stylish, and sexy!

Setting up the gear is remarkably quick and easy, and I was done in less than three minutes – there’s only one AC adapter to plug in this time instead of two. You’ll have to keep the decoder box close to your console though because the included optical and USB cables are just two feet long. If you have an older Xbox 360 without an optical cable don’t fret: Tritton supplies an adapter in the box. The Tritton Pro+ is remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear. In addition to an adjustable headband that boasts plenty of cushioning, the ear-cups themselves swivel up and down and rotate sideways to fit your head perfectly. I can’t stress how comfortable the Tritton Pro+ feels. Because the headset is an “over ear” and not “on ear” headset your ears don’t feel pinched and external noise is greatly reduced. The result is better sound isolation and overall improved acoustics versus “on ear” model headsets. Thanks to selectable voice monitoring (SVM), you can choose to hear your voice through the headset as you speak into the microphone. This allows you to adjust your level of speech so that you aren’t annoying other players by being too soft or loud.

So onto the important part, the testing. I have listed the games I tested the Tritton Pro+ on in the above box. As an avid online gamer I jumped straight into some online matches in the games listed above. And what I noticed was astounding, the crisp sound of the gunfire and footsteps was just unreal. No longer could a player sneak up behind me without me hearing them coming, giving me a chance to react swiftly. With my other headset I was often taken down from behind due to this problem. I could also hear the bullet casings hitting the ground, something I have never heard before, and it just blew me away. This is mainly due to my old headset having one speaker per ear, while the Pro+ gives your 4 in each ear. You can also turn each pair of these speakers up or down to suit your own requirements via the in-line controller, and guess what, each button controlling the pairs of speakers not only lights up but changes colour from blue to red allowing me to instantly see what speakers are on high or low volume – and it looks cool!!. No matter what type of music you are into these headsets will give you the sound quality you want, from heavy booming bass to soft classical. Every sound is sharper and crisper through these, and with the over ear cups moulding to your head you will be totally immersed in any experience right down to amazing movie explosions.

In conclusion, Mad Catz have done it again and have succeeded in making more improvements and features to an already proven range. Mad Catz have shown time and time again why the Tritton range of products are so important to gamers today and the PRO+ is no exception. Delivering pure quality 5.1 surround sound in glorious style and function. The only thing that would make these better is if they were wireless, although I’m guessing this could have something to do with being able to control the volume of each pair of speakers. Other than that, the Tritton Pro+ is a headset that will not only improve your audio experience but also your gaming, as you hear that sneaky player trying to cut your throat from behind – quality!

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