Xian Mei Joins Dead Island Epidemic | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Xian Mei Joins Dead Island Epidemic


Another of the original Dead Island heroes makes their way to Dead Island: Epidemic as Xian Mei joins the fight.
Xian Mei has managed to survive thus far using her sharp mind and even sharper weapons, and she intends to keep it that way. She is a mobile burst damage character who jumps into the fray with her swords and deals massive area damage before disappearing amidst her illusions, leaving the enemies disoriented, out of position and shortly there after, dead.

This latest Dead Island: Epidemic Survivor Lowdown video series details Xian Mei’s unique skills and gameplay styles and gives a few tips on how to best put these to good use, versus both zombies and other survivors.

And from ice-cold assassins to ice-cold killers (literally) Deep Silver and Stunlock Studios have also recently added the ice-powered, mutated character, Hailey, just in time for the winter and holiday season. The specially festive themed Dead Island: Epidemic Survivor Snowdown details Hailey’s cool repertoire of skills and abilities.