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Alien Isolation: Nowhere is Safe


Alien Isolation is the game that looks set to take the Alien franchise back to its horror roots and expunge the horrible memories of Gearbox’s Colonial Marines from our minds. The team over at Creative Assembly, best known for their Total War franchise, have given us a good insight into the development of Alien Isolation through several developer diaries.

One of the major points that Creative Assembly are trying to push home is that this is, above all else, a survival game. You won’t be some faceless ass kicking machine or testosterone infused, trigger happy one man army. Instead you play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley and a lowly engineer where you best chance of survival will be avoiding the threats that loom on the run down space station the game is set in.

The team are very vocal about the Alien, yes as in singular. They have talked about the adaptive and sensory AI they have developed to give the universe’s best hunter the gravitas and power that it deserves. In the newest trailer entitled “Nowhere is safe”, we can see that the Alien is not the kind to charge blindly down a corridor hoping to catch you. It is, after all a hunter and we can see the intelligence and cunning at work here.

The trailer shows us Amanda Ripley (the main character) running away from the, rather alert Alien. She rounds a doorway, hammers the “LOCK” button and the Alien comes to an abrupt halt. But the Alien doesn’t take this locked door as defeat and finds an alternate way into the room.

If the AI can live up to what we have been promised then Alien Isolation should be one of the standout survival games of the year. You can find some of the other developer diaries here.