E3 Press Conference Times and Dates | MOUSE n JOYPAD


With only one or two days left until the majestic E3 graces us with its beauty by gathering several major gaming companies together – along with some minor ones – and present us with what the future in gaming has to offer.  The question on our mind is ‘What are the conference times?’ Underneath here are the US/UK times and dates for all the conference meetings.


Monday 15th of June

Bethesda Conference

3:00am BST, (Sunday 14th) 10:00pm ET, 7:00pm PT

Microsoft Conference

5:30pm BST, 12:30pm ET, 9:30am PT

EA Press Conference

9:00pm BST, 4:00pm ET, 1:00pm PT

Ubisoft Press Conference

11:00pm BST, 6:00pm ET, 3:00pm PT


Tuesday 16th of June

Sony Press Conference

2:00am BST, 9:00pm ET, 3:00pm PT

Nintendo Digital Event

5:00pm BST, 12:00pm ET, 9:00am PT

Square-Enix Press Conference

6:00pm BST, 1:00pm ET, 10:00am PT


Wednesday 17th of June

The PC Gaming Show

1:00am BST, 8:00pm ET, 5:00pm PT


The streaming for all the presses and streams can be found on the E3 website. Mouse n’ Joypad will be attending E3 this year so be sure to tune in on the site for more exclusive E3 news and coverage. Don’t forget to comment and get in touch through our Facebook and Twitter page.