Blade & Soul Getting Brand New ‘Silverfrost Mountains’ Expansion | MOUSE n JOYPAD


Continuing the trend of constant updates, NCSOFT West has released yet another content update for their international MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul.’ Titled ‘Silverfrost Mountains,’ this new expansion will introduce a whole new continent for the game’s fighters to explore. This new experience will feature new zones, quests, and new stories with an endgame to fight for. This story will bring you closer to avenging your school and former master, as well as unraveling the great narrative of the game’s world. The new expansion will also increase the character level cap to fifty, and the Hongmoon Level to 10.

Players will travel across this vast and snowy landscape that retains the style of the Earthen Realm. You’ll journey up frosty mountains of the Shiverstone Range, to the grassy plateaus of Primeval Forests. Users can explore eight brand new dungeons, including five (blue) Expert and three Heroic (purple), all of which include a six and four member experience. The massive 24-member open world experience is also being expanded, where you can battle hordes of enemies on the Frostscale Basin, the swampy Beastbog, and a new server event will seek groups to help defend Grand Harvest Square.

The game will also be introducing a new PvP zone in the Soulstone Plains, a land filled with valuable minerals. You’ll need to protect your mining operations from roaming gangs of enemies and greedy factions coming to take your resources. With those materials, you’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and accessories with a unique ‘Silverfrost upgrade track.’ According to the official site, those who have already put materials into their arms will automatically skip ahead, and those who haven’t will get a chance at this new system.

Blade & Soul is a long-running Korean MMORPG that just three months ago branched out into the European and North American markets. In this short amount of time, they’ve also released an upgrade called ‘Unchained.’ In that update, they unlocked the final floor of ‘Mushin’s Tower’ and introduced a maze of dangerous trials called ‘Naryu Labyrinth.’ Before that, they released Bloodshade Harbor, a storyline involving Admiral Hae Mujin seeking vengeance for his slain granddaughter Vice Admiral Pharan, boss of the Blackram Marauders, a criminal organization in the game.

With this newest release, the company is now touting two million active players, but some fan complaints can be found about bots pumping those numbers up. Fans seem to enjoy it, but reviews of the game were decisively average among critics. If you enjoyed this striking article, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad for all your gaming news.