KOTOR 2 Getting 4K, New Endings and Workshop Support On Steam | MOUSE n JOYPAD

It’s been over ten years, but Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords just got a massive upgrade to this long dormant series. In a partnership with Disney Interactive and LucasArts, Aspyr announced yesterday that the game will now be released on Mac and Linux, and will also feature a huge update across all of those platforms.

New features included with this edition are a complete graphical upgrade to 4 & 5K, with native widescreen resolution support. The game now offers controller support, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and several others. You also get all the benefits that Steam offers, including cloud saving and 37 achievements.

Probably the most exciting thing about this news is the fact that Steam Workshop will now be available for a game that was originally rushed to market, resulting in an overly buggy experience. A small team called the Restored Content Mod Team released in 2009 what they called The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod, repairing several huge problems with the game. The mod fixes not only hundreds of bugs, but restored cut content that was removed due to time constraints, closing out huge plot points with all of the dialog and decisions intact.

The game’s publishers have fully embraced these updates, and have made them an official part of the release. The game now features a handful of alternate endings, and several other locations including the notorious HK Factory, where Bao-Dur was originally meant to die while helping HK-47 reach and destroy the factory. They’ve also added a “Force Speed Effects” option in the menu.

Coming out so many years after its initial release, this amazing news seems to be exciting a lot of gamers, as the update has received over 900 likes and over 400 comments since its announcement yesterday. I have to tip my hat to Disney, because this is the way you breath new life into a franchise. Let’s just hope they do the same for the first entry too.

Knights of the Old Republic 2 is set five years after the first game, with the Sith’s complete destruction of the Jedi order and the Old Republic nearing its final days. The Jedi Order’s last chance is a lone Jedi who has lost sight of the Force. Will you seek out the light, or will you give into the dark side?

The game is currently on sale for $7.49, 25% off the standard price until July 28th, so scrape together some druggats and pick up this classic game. Keep reading Mouse n Joypad for all your nerdy gaming news.