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Tickles Top 10 Resident Evil Moments

While many people have said that the Resident Evil franchise has lost touch with its horror roots and many more have heaped enough criticism on RESI 5 & 6 to make a Kardashian embarrassed, I am not one of them. I actually liked the latest instalments in the series but I recognise that I am in a minority on this front. This week I thought we could take a trip down memory lane, before attack hel...[Read More]


No one wants to play a video game that is predictable and no one wants to play a game where everyone gets along. We love plot twists and intrigue but most of all we love a good old fashioned traitor. Without these unscrupulous ragamuffins many of these twists in games would never happen. Here is my list of my top ten traitors from games. There are obviously spoilers so… you know… duh. No.10 The Il...[Read More]