Tickles Top 10 Resident Evil Moments

While many people have said that the Resident Evil franchise has lost touch with its horror roots and many more have heaped enough criticism on RESI 5 & 6 to make a Kardashian embarrassed, I am not one of them. I actually liked the latest instalments in the series but I recognise that I am in a minority on this front. This week I thought we could take a trip down memory lane, before attack helicopters and tentacle monsters, back when the franchise was at its best. Here is my list of top ten Resident Evil moments.


The Merchant – Resident Evil 4

There’s a lot of strange things in the Resident Evil games, most of which tend to be undead bioweapons or wholly impractical secret entranceways that would be no use to anyone in an emergency. One of the oddest things in the series, to me at last, is the merchant. Who the hell is he? Where did he come from and why does he talk like a pirate? I guess there are just some things that we aren’t meant to know.



The Licker – Resident Evil 2

The introduction to the Licker in Resident Evil 2 was a truly great moment from the series. Sure we had seen disgusting enemies before but none that were as unsettling as the Licker, with gooey red skin, external brain and a ranged attack that has spawned a thousand “tongued” jokes, the Licker is one of the iconic resident evil enemies.



Using the Magnum for the first time.

Using the Magnum was the first time I felt truly powerful, other weapons felt like self-defence but with the huge power and meaty sound of the magnum it was enough to go on the attack. It was enough to take on the hardest of enemies and was capable of blowing a zombie’s head clean off. The first time I got the magnum was the first time I stopped running.



Decisions – Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 was the first game to give players an active choice when dealing with situations. While they weren’t as free as choices from RPG’s it was excellent to give the player a little leeway in how they dealt with the game. It didn’t really make a huge difference to the story but it helped to immerse us in the fight against the Nemesis.



Chainsaw man – Resident Evil 4

What’s that sound? Ah, a chainsaw. The chainsaw enemy in Resident Evil 4 may possibly be the most dangerous enemy from any RESI game. If he gets too close he will kill you in a single hit. Fighting these guys while fending off a hoard of Ganados makes for some pretty intense moments.


Classic puzzles – Resident Evil 1- Code Veronica

The classic puzzles from the early games still hold a special place in my heart. Looking back they weren’t exactly well thought out, for example “Some Tigers have a red eye and a blue eye”… they don’t, I’ve checked. These puzzles are what made the Resident Evil games what they are and while they have trailed off over the last few instalments we can hope that there will be a resurgence in RESI 7.



Start of the Apocalypse – Resident Evil 6

In all of the “classic” resident evil games you arrive after the fact, the world has already turned to shit and you have to find out what has happened. In resident evil 6 we were given the chance to be there as the outbreak unfolds. Running through streets seeing zombies catch and eat fleeing civilians while the world tumbles into anarchy was a fresh look into the familiar burning streets and abandoned buildings. Meeting groups of survivors and trying to hold back the undead tide was nice departure from the norm.



Enter the Hunter – Resident Evil 1

Once you return to the mansion after exploring the guardhouse in the original Resident Evil game you are treated to this terrifying first person cut scene. For the first time you are not faced with a shambling walker that can be avoided, it’s a fast, deadly and cunning enemy that has no problem leaping down a hallway and cutting your head off.



Cabin – Resident Evil 4

One of the standout moments for me in Resident Evil 4 is the last stand in the cabin with Carlos. It was one of the first times playing a Resident Evil game that I felt truly trapped. No escape, no surrender and if you happen to shoot Carlos you can activate special cut scene. The fight in the cabin was what I imagine my last stand in the zombie apocalypse to be like… only with fewer pitchforks.



Dog through the window – Resident Evil 1

It may not look like much now but back in the 90’s this was very possibly the scariest jump scare from any video game. As you run down a supposedly quiet hallway a zombie beast from hell flies through a window completely shattering your illusion of safety. In the remake the developers went as far as pushing the break in until the second time you are in the hallway just as you felt really safe… thanks Capcom.


While I love all of the entries into the franchise I realise that there are many that don’t like the recent games. Hopefully this list will have reminded you why we loved the daddy of survival horror in the first place. Until we finally hear details on RESI 7 all we have are our memories.