Xbox 360 Previews

ScreamRide Demo Impressions | MOUSE n JOYPAD

ScreamRide Demo Impressions   Before having played the demo of ScreamRide, I really didn’t think this kind of game was for me, given that it was described as a “construction and management simulator”. I hadn’t watched any trailers or gameplay videos, and had only briefly read the game’s description on Wikipedia, so I went into this with little to no bias and a fresh set of eyes. To my ...[Read More]

Sacred 3 Preview | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Sacred 3 Preview     Has it really been six years since Sacred 2 was released? Indeed, we are getting old. While the wait for the third game in the series hasn’t been as prolonged as, say, the wait for Diablo 3, it’s been tough on fans of the franchise. Last year, we got a side-scrolling excuse in the way of Sacred Citadel, and if you weren’t too happy with the given characters and style,...[Read More]


Codemasters have built up a die hard fan base when it comes to the Grid series of games, a fan base that was sore to say the least at Grid 2. Codemaster admitted to going in a different direction in Grid 2, one that lost some realism and caused outrage among the fans. With Grid Autosport they hope to re-establish the series and bring those fans back into the fold. We had the chance to get some han...[Read More]

We Play Bunkers And Badasses With Tiny Tina | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Hands On Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep  2K and Gearbox are due to release the last DLC for Borderlands 2 on June 25th, entitled Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep. We had the chance to play some of this DLC recently and find out what it’s all about. On hand at the event to give us their thoughts on Tiny Tina’s latest adventure were Anthony Burch – Writer ,Paul Hellquist – Creati...[Read More]

Painkiller Hell And Damnation – Hands On! | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Painkiller Hell And Damnation A HELL OF A GAME !   A few days ago we got the opportunity to play Painkiller Hell And Damnation on the Xbox. Painkiller is under development by the guys at The Farm 51 and will be published by Nordic Games. Originally the game was released on PC and is now set to invade consoles in May of this year. Painkiller Hell and Damnation is said to be a modern remake  of ...[Read More]

Star Trek Preview – MOUSE n JOYPAD

Star Trek Preview WILL THE GAME: “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER” OR“DIE YOUNG AND FAIL”  With the rejuvenation of the Star Trek franchise, thanks mainly to the success of the last movie and another on the way, the natural progression would point towards gaming. As many movie studios have come to the realization that some games now gross more at the till than their blockbuster movie counterparts. ...[Read More]