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Characters Of Borderlands The Pre Sequel



With Borderlands The Pre-Sequel’s release date being closer than ever, Gearbox has decided to lead us through the creative processes and accidents that resulted with Claptrap being a playable character in the upcoming Borderlands title.

Watch the video to catch up with all the latest intel, but here’s a short summary if you can’t watch: Claptrap can be both laughably weak and worryingly powerful, depending on his luck with his dice-based active skill. Wilhelm is a cybernetically enhanced soldier of the future, sports some epic facial hair and can deploy two combat drones for support on the battlefield. Captain Ame… ahem, ATHENA sports a badass shield she can use to both defend herself and attack, by throwing it at unsuspecting enemies. Finally, Nisha is armed with a proper whip and generally is a cheater, because, for all intents and purposes, her active skill is an aimbot.

Excited much?