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Choose Your Own Mad Max Adventure

With New Trailer



Avalanche Studios and WB Games have introduced a brand new trailer for their Mad Max series, and it features over 7 minutes of new gameplay. The best part is, for those watching on clickable platforms, you can select three different options during three different scenarios. This “Choose Your Path” trailer allows gamers to see the various approaches this new franchise has to offer.


The trailer starts with a convoy of dangerous marauders, storming out from an icy land. The War Boys, a faction of warriors under the control of Scabrous Scrotus, a warlord who controls all the oil from Gas Town. It’s at this point the game asks you how you’d like to handle the roaming gang. You could “go heavy”, “go loud” or “go mad”; all of these options leading to the complete destruction of the enemy faction.

The trailer continues on with you breaking down the defenses of a walled off base, and destroying catapults that are threatening your land, all during a windstorm. The game ends with the promise of a unique vehicle called The Ripper if you pre-order.

Mad Max is of course based on of George Miller’s long running series about a post-apocalyptic world featuring an endless war for the last remaining gas on the planet. Now four movies deep, it’s the perfect franchise to expand out into a AAA series of games, and judging by the new trailer, it’s going to have all the adrenaline of the revitalized series.

That doesn’t mean the developers want you to think this game is riding on the successful film’s coattails. Peter Wyse, vice president of production and development at Warner Bros., said in an interview

“We don’t build games that are based on movies. We build games that are games in and of themselves. They have to be judged on their own merits.”

The game features a completely original chapter in the overall narrative, with Max traveling to the Plains of Silence, where’s he stripped of all of his supplies and his ride by a pack of War Boys. Looking for the group and his Interceptor, he stumbles upon an overzealous mechanic who goes by Chumbucket. This hunchbacked man’s life-long desire is to build the perfect vehicle, something he calls the Magnum Opus. Him and Max set out to retrieve his stuff, while working towards the goal of building the deadliest weapon ever devised.

“That’s a lesson we took to heart,” Wyse said while discussing movie-based projects, “you can have successes in both realms. There had been too many play-the-movie games. Those are constrained by trying to get out day and date with the film, or having to play this or that beat. It doesn’t serve the gamer. We have to make games that serve the gamer.”

Mad Max is coming out September 1st, and will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. We hope to have a full review for you when the game releases, so make sure you keep reading Mouse n Joypad for all your road warrior news.