Don’t Expect A New Elder Scrolls Game Anytime Soon | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Whatever entry it was that pulled you in, it seems like everyone has become a fan of Bethesda’s hugely successful franchise The Elder Scrolls. Many are still modding Skyrim to this day, and there’s even a remake of Oblivion coming out that uses the assets of the latest entry that’s codenamed Skyblivion.

However, for those of you waiting for another installment, unfortunately you’re going to have to fill your time with their newest entry Fallout 4, because Bethesda has confirmed that all of their focus is currently on their newest game, and that a new Elder Scrolls is years away.

There’s no doubt they’re going to be releasing another game, especially since the last one sold over 20 million copies, but the studio doesn’t want fans thinking that another game is around the corner.

Pete Hines, marketing executive at Bethesda, told reporters at Gamescom that it’ll be “a very long time” before the studio will release another game, with the studio choosing to focus on the success of their other hugely popular franchise.

“Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what anybody wants for a feature in Fallout 4,” Hines went on to say about Fallout 4. “The game is basically done. It was by and large done before we announced it, in terms of the features going in. You’re not adding new features in May, June, July in the year you’re releasing; you’re trying to get everything fixed.”

This may come as a huge blow to fans, but probably not a big surprise. The studio is known for avoiding usual release schedules, and only revealing games when they’re at the end of development. It seems like they focus more on providing an engaging experience, with their games usually being the best reviewed in their release years.

If adventurers (who haven’t taken an arrow to the knee) wish to continue their journey through the land of Tamriel, there are options. Of course, they could continue modding their Skyrim copies, or they could play The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Their online entry was poorly received when it was first released, but their newest edition has gained praise from its changes, including Gale who gave the game an 84%.

The studio will also be releasing The Elder Scrolls Legends, a free-to-play card game similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, next month. For more information on that game and every bit of Elder Scrolls and Fallout news, keep reading Mouse n Joypad.