Developer Milky Tea Studios Bringing Coffin Dodgers To Xbox One and PS4 | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Coffin Dodgers is a kart racer which sees elderly citizens racing to live, quite literally. Race as one of the seven elderly maniacs as they control customized and tricked-out coffins across thirteen tracks. These coffins can be equipped with different weapons and ran through the suburban streets of a retirement community where things can get a little crazy, to say the least. Take on four players in a split-screen battle or take on the new and dangerous neighbor, Mr. Grim Reaper, along with his gang of zombies.

When The Reaper comes to town, the old racers give him a proposition; a racing championship to decide their fate. The winner of the tournament receives the gift of life; the losers, their soul will be the reaper’s to take. What the deceiving and maniacal reaper doesn’t tell these retired cronies is that he might just summon the recycled souls of their former friends to take each other out of the championship forever.

Milky Tea is a UK-based studio founded in 2005. The studio comes from a tried group of developers who have worked on games like Project Gotham Racing, Blur, Bang Bang Racing and Drive Club. These different backgrounds come together to “create the best in three-dimensional gaming, animation, and design.” The studio has had the opportunity to work with Sony, BBC, Channel 4, Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, Toyota, And even Bose. The studio’s history with gaming doesn’t lack potential at all. The studio released a browser based game for the BBC under the title ‘The Well’ which won two BAFTA awards and even an EMMY. The studio also released ‘Roller Rally’ for iOS and Android, which was nominated for a BIMA and DADI award. Game development is indeed entrenched in Milky Tea’s history.

Trevor Anderson reviewed the game back in 2015 on the PC, giving the game a 68%. In the article, Trevor said that the game “doesn’t do enough to stand among the greats,” going on to call the game “unforgiving.” He concluded his review by saying that he couldn’t “imagine this game standing the test of time. I would love to see a sequel however, as there is some real opportunity here, and the clever innovations and melee combat make this a real contender for something new in an overly dominated genre.” If you’d like to read his review, just click here

You can expect to dodge, shoot, and speed your way to immortality in Coffin Chasers on consoles May, 6th. For everything on Coffin Chasers and Milky Tea studios, check back to