We’re All Going Streaking In Crazy Pixel Streaker | MOUSE n JOYPAD

If you’ve ever gone streaking in the privacy of your home, you’ll know that it’s not as satisfying as the real thing. You kind of have to break out from the backyard if you want to get the most out of running around without any clothes on. If you want the full experience, you really have to buy a nice trench coat, the best sneakers, and find the biggest sports event within driving distance. That’s just too much work for me- I’d much rather not get arrested, and streak from the comfort of my couch.


Thankfully, the team at Lubiterum GameStudio has the solution- Crazy Pixel Streaker, a brand new top-down roguelike brawler where you and three friends can live out your foolish dreams. You’ll be airdropped into stadiums, taking on security as they try and cover up your shame. Your goal in the game is to help exterrestrial pranksters steal all of the world’s Cups from Earth. The World Cup, Stanley Cup, Davis Cup- the only cup they don’t want involved in is the- well, you know…

These streakers will need to utilize magic pigs and wild weaponry to take on all of these prudish suits, outrageous boss battles, and even other aliens. You’ll have a standard water gun, but you can also get a conga line of followers, master combo maneuvers, and a wild assortment of animals to ride through those pesky suits. You’ll also be able to use Mentos and Diet Coke, a watermelon bazooka and sodacan grenades.


“The Sidekicks is a brand new label with a great offer for an indie studio like ours,” says Joan Godoy, one of the founders at Lubiterum in a press release. “That is why we proposed them our game and we were thrilled by their enthusiasm about Crazy Pixel Streaker. With their support, we can now focus on finishing the game and make it even craziest than we ever thought!”

The game promises a large amount of features and game modes. You can take on the story solo or with up to three friends, and can also partake in an Endless Adventure mode, which is a permadeath onslaught. Party mode has you competing with your friends in a series of mini games, utilizing the stadiums by incorporating sport challenges.

“I cannot say what we thought when we first received Crazy Pixel Streaker,” says CEO of The Sidekicks Guillaume Jamet in the same release. “This game was 100% improbable. But then we played, and it was instantly obvious that we needed to work with these guys! Crazy Pixel Streaker is one of the most fun game we played these past years, we had to sign it!”.

The game is scheduled for release at the beginning of next year, and will be followed shortly after that on the Playstation 4 and XBox One. If you’ve enjoyed this story, and you want more hot news like this, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad.