Developer of Evoland Series Tackling New Franchise: Northgard | MOUSE n JOYPAD

Last year, one of my favorite games of 2015 was the surprise hit Evoland 2 by Shiro Games. The indie developer based out of Bordeaux, France had impressed me thoroughly with a game that seemed like it was going to be a rehash of their first entry, which was nothing more than a glorified game jam idea that didn’t have a lot of weight to it. I can gleefully admit that the sequel proved the talent behind the company, and you can read or watch my full review here.

Now, Shiro Games is taking on a brand new genre with a fresh franchise, and the mystery surrounding this new game is as shrouded in mist as the Norse mythology it’s based on. Northgard is a new strategy and exploration game that takes inspiration from the mounted Valkyries and thunderous Gods of Germanic history.

The game places you in command of Vikings who have spent their years sailing the seas looking for new shores to conquest and pillage. When they discover a new land that’s filled with danger and mystery, they decide that the riches are worth the risk. They boldly devote themselves to charting this strange land for the honor of their Gods.

That sadly is about as much as we know about this new game, so the only thing we have left to go on is the website, which features very little concerning information at this time. There’s a logo that features two animal-like heads over a crest that could be a decorative helmet or ornate piece of jewelry.

The included images appear to feature an overhead view of a small village being built, and monuments over lush green hills and snowy embankments. Some of these pictures feature red territory lines, which seems to separate you from indigenous and apparently hostile neighbors. Outside of humans, there appear to be beastly animals, such as dire wolves and undead warriors to contend with, including massive giants.

“There has been a convergence of things that made the life of indie studios a lot easier these last years,” said Sebastien Vidal in a 2013 interview about Evoland. “Digital distribution, viral marketing, and crowdfunding all mean a studio does not necessarily need a publisher anymore. This allows for more innovation and I think in a few years the gaming landscape will be more diverse than ever regarding platforms, blends of genres and new or revisited gameplay styles.”

There’s no word yet who’s spearheading this new project. For more content straight from the gates of Valhalla, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad for all your legendary news. WITNESS ME!!!