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There’s that horse armor we were all waiting for…

There comes a tale- a lore from a legendary studio called Bethesda. Shortly before bringing the land much celebration and happiness with their fabled game Fallout 4, they prophesied a great awakening. This event would unite the great separation between the console gamers and the PC elite. Soon, both sides would have modding; and there would be much rejoicing. But then the time slowly passed, and like Martin’s winter, many thought their coming was but an empty promise. That is, until today.

In a video released on YouTube, Fallout 4’s game director Todd Howard has come to fulfill his E3 promise by announcing details around their new ‘Creation Kit.’ Players will now be able to mod the game with approved tools, and upload them for download.


If you’re a hoarder, this is the perfect solution to your problem.

“Modding has been a part of who we are at Bethesda going all the way back to Morrowind,” says Howard in the video. “If our games are about be who you want and do what you want, then modding takes that to the ultimate level, where you can mess with everything we did and create your own stuff.”

The Beta is available now through Bethesda.net, where you’ll get access to not only all of these possibilities, but also the Creation Kit, where you’ll be able to use the same system they use to make Fallout 4. They’ve also included a wiki, so you can learn all the ins and outs and get started creating your own missions, characters, dialogue and even weapons.Â

The user interface allows you to scroll through possible mods that you may want, and where you can favorite and rate the ones that you enjoy. Installing is done through the in-game menus, but how much control they’ll have over which mods see this menu is still unknown. When it comes to the console versions, they say they still have “a lot to do” before then.


Who doesn’t want a confetti gun?

This system is only available to PC players at this time, but soon Mods will be accessible to even the rubes with their Xbox Ones and PS4s soon. According to the press release, you’ll need to wait until June. If you’d like to read more about this brave new wasteland head on over to the Bethesda.net dashboard

So, are you excited about Bethesda supporting the modding scene, and are you a console gamer who can’t wait to change your game up? Well leave a comment below, and let us know what you think. For more gaming news that’s bigger and more bizarre than a Macho Man Randy Savage Dragon, make sure you keep reading Mouse N Joypad