Did Steam Pull ‘Yohjo Simulator’ Because Of Pedophilia? | MOUSE n JOYPAD

When Yohjo Simulator was released, many on YouTube and Steam saw it as just another Goat Simulator, selling a wonky physics engine with outlandish visuals. Some took issue with a young girl in pigtails running around mostly naked men while slamming her face into their pelvic region. Most of this was chalked up to it’s overly bizarre and japanese aesthetics; and also provided a pass on the adolescent’s ‘gym outfit’. However shortly after its release, screenshots and YouTube videos began to emerge showing an even darker side to the ‘Simulator’; a secret hidden easter egg of a lifeless girl with panties at her feet, and a man standing over her. The game has since been pulled, and it would seem that Valve is behind the censorship.

I reached out to the team at Dead Factory over Twitter, and had to communicate through auto-translations, which I’ve included with my report. According to Bing, it seems like they haven’t have “any contact from Valve at the moment, so I’m not sure.” They then stated that they’re “waiting for contact from the Valve.” When asked if they were aware that they offended several people with their easter egg, they did not comment back in time for publication.

The game was showcased at Comiket (Comic Market) 88 in Tokyo, which is touted as being the world’s largest Dōjinshi expo. Dōjinshi, which is a japanese term indicating artwork that is self-published, ranges from illustrations, anime, games and hentai. It even seems that the third day is known for being a special “Hentai Day” amongst its community of cosplayers and enthusiasts.

The game was upvoted through Steam Greenlight, which describes the game as “you become a 3rd grade elementary girl and wander around town.” It went on to express that “there’s no goal in this game. You need to decide the goal for yourself. It’s the same as in life. This is an amazingly realistic simulator.” (sic)

Released November 17th on Steam, the game was met with mostly negative response. Many cited the game being way to small and lacking any meaningful gameplay to justify its five dollar price tag. This also does not include the criticism the game received due to its possible pedophilic nature. Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition called the game “complete fucking shit,” and stated in his let’s play that anyone watching or playing the game are ‘creeps’.

Right before the weekend, Steam quietly pulled the game from the marketplace. Debate continues to stir in the game’s community, with many celebrating the supposed censorship, with others claiming much ado about nothing. Examples like South Park’s game and dating sims are being held up as examples of hypocrisy while others are appalled that the game was even released onto the platform. We asked Steam about the game’s removal, but they have not responded to us for comment.

To access the hidden area, players will have to jump along roof lines and into a back area with descending platforms. When you reach the bottom, a young girl in a blue swimsuit lies on the ground, a pair of panties lying at her feet. The man continues standing there, looking over the motionless girl even after your arrival. You can move the girl by kicking her around, and you can also headbutt the man if one so chooses.

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