Metal Gear Fan Remake Looks Promising | MOUSE n JOYPAD

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has evolved and changed since the epic release of Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation, it has morphed into an open world game that is, frankly, losing its tenuous grip on reality. One fan has decided to make their own MGS1 remake using the Unreal engine.

The project is known as Shadow Moses Remake and is being produced by Airam Hernandez. It is a nostalgic look at what may be one of the best games of the PlayStation era. Hernandez’s YouTube channel (iRam Gamer) has a few videos teasing his project. In the latest trailer we are treated to some beautiful glimpses of the Shadow Moses facility. The trailer begins with a look at the Dock, the very start of the game. It looks great in the Unreal engine with sparks dropping from the ceiling of the old desolate building.

We are then shown some of the games key zones including the area where Solid Snake first comes to grips with the mysterious Ninja during a fight with Revolver Ocelot as well as the hallway that leads to the mind bending fight with Psycho Mantis. The lighting effects are excellent and it looks like this fan remake is on the right track.

The trailer ends with a teaser of the Ninja and Metal Gear Rex itself. Any fan of the original games should check this trailer out as there is clearly a lot of promise in Hernandez’s work. As of yet Konami have yet to address the remake but I suspect they won’t be too happy with the project. Let’s hope they don’t shut it down before it can achieve the potential that is clearly visible form the trailer.

iRam Gamer has a few different videos on display and it is definitely worth checking out.