Get Thundershocked In Tactical-Combat/Strategy Sci-Fi Game ‘Shock Tactics’ | MOUSE n JOYPAD


The Square Enix Collective are just about ready to release another one of their crowdfunded games, and it’s out of this world- literally. Shock Tactics is heavily inspired by games like Jagged Alliance and the oh-so-infamous X-Com franchise, but has a setting and tone similar to the cult favorite Firefly. Blending the ruggedness of the American Western with the setting of an ancient alien homeworld, you need to navigate this procedurally generated landscape like the wild west every time you start a new game.

The story is about a group of explorers called the Space Pioneers, and the strike team you command has been tasked with colonizing an abandoned alien planet, but other corporations like “Consortium” have already sent out mercenary forces to prevent your migration. Your orders are to set up a base of operations, gather surrounding resources, and expand your foothold and knowledge to choose from a plethora of tactics and skill branches.


What’s so interesting about this game is it’s blend of RTS and TTB, where you develop bases and discover clans on a huge world map, but then jump into turn-based tactical warfare when you look to hold onto land. When exploring, you’ll find alien artifacts and equipment that might be able to help you. With these discoveries you can unlock new abilities to equip on your squad members to expand your territory and gain control of the planet.

With the support you get from the outside, you’ll be able to order drone strikes or call in backup to help assist you. You’ll also be able to use explosives, cloaking devices and not to mention teleportation to finish the fight with the opposing squad.

One really cool visual feature with the game is the ‘Action Freeze,’ which pauses gunfire and other battlefield activities to provide a more dynamic look when you are deciding your troop’s next move. According to a developer log YouTube video, they think it’s a great addition to their game because it allows you to “actually watch a firefight to the death, instead of just a bunch of people staring at each other.”

This Firefly-inspired neo-western is being designed by first-time German developer Point Blank Games- composed of two graduates of Humboldt-University Berlin. The two graduated in 2014 and decided to hit the ground running with this ambitious title. On their website, they say they “love turn-based games,” and state that Shock Tactics will be a “true challenge to the seasoned tactician as well as an immersive battlefield that every commander can enjoy.”

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