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Halo 5 Post-Launch Weapon and Vehicle Plans




Last week the developers over at 343i confirmed that Halo 5 will have a big day one patch for the multiplayer mode, the size of the patch has been found to be 9GB in size, including map content. I need a new hard drive.

For those who pre-ordered Halo 5 digitally, you will be pleased to know that the patch goes live on October 22nd so you can jump right into the action on release day (27th if you’ve forgotten). I assume that it will download automatically for people who have the digital version of the game if you have your console on ‘Instant-on’ mode, so if you don’t then hop to it.

Moving onto plans of future content, Josh Holmes (Designer on Halo 5) was asked if 343 Industries,

“Would ever consider adding weapons/vehicles in post-launch.”

He said yes, but I would assume that this is just skins rather than entirely “new” weapons and vehicles; I’ll let you know when some clarification is offered.


Now before you go blasting the forums saying “Don’t rip us off with content, we’ve already paid for!” I would like to inform you that post-launch content is free (it’s in bold because I know someone will ignore it) according to the studio head, 343i has a sustained plan with regards to new content and features that extend beyond the October launch.

Halo 5 will ship with 21 maps and has plans for an additional 18 maps after launch so you’ll want for nothing. Alongside the new maps, forge will be introduced in December.

According to Holmes, the Forge in Halo 5 is the biggest evolution of the feature since Halo 3 back in 2007 claiming that;

“For Halo 5: Guardians, we knew we wanted to take a giant leap forward with Forge. The creativity of the Forge community knows no bounds and our goal was to give them more power and control than ever before. We wanted to remove as many constraints as possible so they can create high-quality maps that rival the ones that we are shipping with the game.”

I was going to quote the changes they had made, but there is a ton of new stuff, so I suggest you check it out yourself when you get the chance, I can quote a few changes that interested me:

• Scripting Redux – Almost every object in the new Forge can be scripted to move around, change colours, send event messages to other objects, spawn itself, and all kinds of other fun things. Objects can have up to four scripts that with a condition that will trigger an action when the event conditions are met. We even include a “logic switch” condition type that can wait for multiple conditions to be met before the action is triggered. It’s all super powerful, and we can’t wait to see the crazy ways it gets used by the community.

• Redesigned Menus & HUD – The property menus have been reorganized around objects, map, and tool settings to keep related options and actions in intuitive places. Menus have controller shortcuts to help quickly jump through them. Objects are organized into the palettes in multiple places to help sift through the giant list of objects to find the right set of things to place. HUD content has been refocused around the new features to make sure it’s easy to know how many objects are selected, current grid settings, etc.

• Advanced Object Translation/Rotation Tools – Move and rotate objects based on world axis or based on own orientations, reset objects rotation with a button press, and more. There’s pretty much an option to manipulate objects even in the strangest/special case situations.

• Show All Boundaries – Turn this on when building perimeter kill volumes to help see all of them at once, so it’s easy to see how they all overlap and interact with one another.

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