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GTA V Hitting PC April 14th


GTA V is going to be released on PC on April 14th. There, I’ve said it. It’s what we were all interested in so I thought getting it out of the way would be easing your spirits. Now, the second most important piece of information we have on the given matter is that the long-awaited (seriously, Rockstar took their sweet time) Heists will be coming to the already released versions on last and current generation of consoles on 10th of March. A date that is, should you check your calendar, just around the corner!

Heists will be featuring a brand new four-player cooperative experience, giving the participants a chance to pull off a string of intense, multi-part raids and robberies across Los Santos and Blain County. We’re supposed to be getting more information about the Heists over the following weeks so be sure to keep checking the website!

Now, as for the PC release, Rockstar say they had to postpone it as much as they have because they want to keep it up to a high standard, as well as to make sure that the Heists and GTA Online are ready to roll out on day one. All of those who’ve pre-ordered the game will have their in-game accounts buffed with $200 000 for use in GTAO. The PC version will be the most graphically and technically advanced version, with Rockstar promising to optimize the game for a very broad range of hardware. We’re to expect a vast range of configuration options and extreme resolution support, as well as the powerful Rockstar Editor for making custom videos.

Honestly, the thing I’m most hyped about is the ability to jump onto people and watch them fall in a hilarious fashion. Tripping over fences? Count me the hell in. Add a slope to the combination and you’ve got a winner. As for the optimization, I have high hopes, as the same team that optimized Max Payne 3 works on GTA V. The engine is fairly similar too, so there shouldn’t be many issues even for laptop gamers or those of us who don’t upgrade their towers on a bi-weekly basis.

Again, stay tuned for more intel on GTAV right here on Mouse ‘n’ Joypad!